16 Really Sucky Things No One Ever Tells You About Marriage

It’ll be the loneliest time of your life.

August 8, 2016

The Very Real Struggle Of Making Friends In Your 20s

Liking the same boy band just isn’t enough anymore.

March 14, 2016

10 Wedding Ideas On A Budget

Who says you can’t have a wedding on a budget? If you’re looking to save some money, try the following ideas from ornaments to decor which are easy enough to make at home.

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Flower chandeliers

If you’re planning a spring or summer wedding, make sure it’s full of colour and flowers. This is our favourite way to showcase those extra blooms for the reception, so stunning!

10 Wedding Ideas On A Budget 

Wallpaper backdrop

Another way to get crafty for your wedding is to try this amazing paper backdrop for the nuptials. All you need is tissue paper, scissors, string, and your imagination!

10 Wedding Ideas On A Budget 

Paper flowers

Why spend money on flowers when you can make your own version of them instead? Try these amazing paper flowers made from lightweight tissue for the reception.

10 Wedding Ideas On A Budget 

Table numbers

Show your guests where they’re sitting at the reception with these beautiful table numbers made from burlap. Spray paint them a shade which matches the rest of your decor.

10 Wedding Ideas On A Budget 

Tealight holders

Decorate your candle holders with gold or silver glitter, it’s sure to make any table setting pop!

10 Wedding Ideas On A Budget 

Marquee Letters

These marquee letters are an essential for any wedding, and the best part? They’re completely DIY – all you need is some corrugated iron, a bunch of lightbulbs and some patience.

10 Wedding Ideas On A Budget 

Wedding menu

Take a rustic-looking mirror and turn it into the ultimate wedding menu for the reception. If the frame needs to be spruced-up before the big day, simply spray paint in a bold and vibrant colour to remove dusk.

10 Wedding Ideas On A Budget 


Show your guests to their seats with one of the coolest wedding bonbonniere we’ve ever seen.

10 Wedding Ideas On A Budget 

Ceremony backdrop

Try this super-cute ceremony backdrop where you can write your vows, or a little bit of the couples history. It’s cheap and effective, all you need is a super-long roll of paper!

10 Wedding Ideas On A Budget 

Rope Words

Add the finishing touches to your reception with these easy DIY rope words which can be customised to say almost anything.

10 Wedding Ideas On A Budget 

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July 16, 2015

5 Films Every Mother-Of-The-Bride Should Watch

According to Runaway Dream, more than 120,000 weddings take place in Australia each year which means 120,000 mother-of-the-brides are helping their daughters out behind the scenes for her big day. However, being the mother of the bride comes with a great deal of responsibility and stress which is why it is a great idea to get the popcorn ready, put your feet up and watch a few helpful (and seriously entertaining!) wedding themed movies to give you some much needed inspiration, guidance and a good laugh along the way.

1. Mamma Mia

This musical, featuring the talented singing voices of Meryl Streep and Amanda Seyfried, is based on the story of a bride-to-be in search of her real father whilst her mother tries her best to cope with the reality of her daughter growing up and leaving home. This is a perfect choice for the mother of the bride because it shows the hardships that not only the bride has to face but also her loving mother. They sing ABBA songs the whole way through the movie so it’s a great sing-along option as well.

2. Monster in Law

If you’re not really sure what a mother-of-the-bride should be doing up until the day of the wedding, Bride Online will give you a better idea whilst Monster in Law will teach you the mistakes that you should definitely avoid! This is a hilarious movie about a fearless mother in law who makes it her life goal to destroy the relationship between her son and his new fiancé (Jennifer Lopez).

3. Father of the Bride

This comedy film about a father unwilling to let go of his beloved daughter is a great choice for both the father of the bride and the mother. The bride will need support from both of her parents and by watching this film, the mother will be more aware of the possible concerns the father might have about the wedding and vice versa. It’s a light-hearted film and one that the entire bridal party will love to watch.

4. Bride Wars

Despite the mother-of-the-bride not actually being present in this movie, it is still worth a watch because it emphasizes the importance of organization. According to the mother of the bride is expected to take care of certain tasks, such as the guest list. This involves gathering names and addresses from both sides of the family. Watching Bride Wars may give you some much needed inspiration and thoughts on organizing a wedding as you watch two brides (and former best friends) schedule their weddings on the same day.

5. Runaway Bride

This is a classic wedding movie favourite and displays the problem of ‘cold feet’ perfectly. It is based on a reporter (Richard Gere) who has to write a story about a woman (Julia Roberts) who has repeatedly left a number of finances at the altar. Spot the signs that your daughter may be second guessing her wedding before the big day and help calm her nerves thanks to the witty revelations of a soon to be bride.

April 28, 2015

Inspirational Engagement Party Ideas

Most couples barely have their ideal wedding planned out, let alone the engagement party! So if you’re finding it difficult to stick with just one solid theme, take inspiration from the following real weddings from all over the globe.

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Choose this clean and refined take on springtime chic featuring pink flowers, floral chandeliers, rustic tables and acrylic chairs. Everything is kept in a consistent colour palette – even the seating charts which were adorned in white, pink, and gold accents.

If you’re more of a sentimental type of couple, choose a decoration which will represent both of your backgrounds. This is a beautiful way to merge both of your families into one, while still making your wedding very personal.

5 Inspirational Engagement Party Ideas


Combine both of your cultures in a super-sized wedding which both families are bound to enjoy. One of our favourites below shows just how to mix southern culture with a traditional Indian wedding.

5 Inspirational Engagement Party Ideas


Who doesn’t love a themed event? One of our favourites below was captured in Ireland during the festive season, and featured rich accents and decorations. Mulled wine, comfort foods and green ferns add the finishing touches to an engagement party for the colder parts of the year.

5 Inspirational Engagement Party Ideas


If you’re more of a modern type of girl (nothing traditional here!), incorporate some of your style into the decor. We’re thinking clean lines, brass accents and stripes for the table setting. Fresh seasonal flowers and a touch of class is the perfect way to celebrate this engagement.

5 Inspirational Engagement Party Ideas

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April 25, 2015

Weekend Wit: The Drunken Proposal

We all get that proposing marriage can be a nerve wrecking experience but the drunken proposal is just plain wrong. I’ve actually had this happen to me more than once! So, chances are that if one woman has experienced this multiple times it must be a bit of a trend. I maybe wrong, but it is a possibility. It might also be that I just totally lucked out and probably not in a good way either.

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Now, the first time I received a drunken proposal, I fell for it. I was young, dumb and in love. It didn’t matter how he proposed just as long as he did. It seemed everyone around us was in proposal mode, so I figured sooner or later it would be my turn. Sure enough it was, at the worst time possible! I happened to be so drunk when receiving the proposal, that when I woke up I had to ask whether or not it actually happened. Had I dreamed it? Was it real? And, more importantly, did I accept?

Hungover and desperate for answers I discovered that apparently I had. Hmmm, not exactly the way I’d pictured it. Perhaps this is the reason I switched from alcohol to coffee? I do recall not getting that drunk for a very, very long time!

Anyways, I might be a bit old-fashioned here but there are still plenty of ladies out there that believe one day the man or woman (I won’t discriminate, even though laws do) of their dreams will actually show up. To add to this fantasy, they’ll eventually get down on one knee and ask the question, “will you marry me?” In her mind it will be perfect.

They will probably be somewhere romantic, candles, soft music and the love of her life down on one knee, holding hands, asking earnestly if she’d give them the honor of becoming the wife. (It’s actually quite difficult writing this gender neutral, but you get the gist.) We’ve seen it on The Bachelor, heard it it fair tales like Cinderella, so surely that’s how it’s supposed to go?

So, image the horror when this image is replaced by the reality of a drunken proposal? There’s no romance, or very little and they’re probably down on two knees because they’re far too wasted to balance on one. The words spill out of their mouth so slurred that they are almost unrecognizable and the speech they had prepared goes totally out the window. Basically they’re that drunk that the words flow out like, “willyamaryme” as if it’s one word rather than a phrase.

Unfortunately it isn’t pretty but I can understand that it’s easily done. The individual is so nervous preparing and looking for the right time to propose that they choose to have a few drinks to calm their nerves. Those few drinks turns into a few too many and voilà! Thankfully by the second drunken proposal I’d learned my lesson and demanded the romance, which is perhaps why I’m still waiting for it?

It’s not all bad though. There is something worse than the drunken proposal. I’ve seen it happen to others and those poor souls accepted and then had their proposal revoked. Ouch! Having awoken the next morning the proposer took another look at their bride to be and thought, hell no! What have I done? Suffice to say not exactly relationships made in heaven. So, I’m certainly not going to complain. At least I haven’t had to endure that!

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January 31, 2015

Top 5 Celebrity Wedding Hairstyles

Curly, straight, in a bun, or to the side – these are some of the most popular hairstyles most brides choose for their wedding day.

Lucky for us, we have inspiration from a number of celebrities, which makes the decision of choose just one wedding hairstyle so much easier to make. Below are just some of our favourites here at SHESAID.

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Side bun

Actress Jenna Dewan-Tatum chose a sophisticated side-bun for her wedding in Malibu over the summer of 2009. Not only is this style easy for women who want to dance all night, but it’ll last without dropping!

Top 5 Celebrity Wedding Hairstyles


Model Anja Rubik chose a 1960s inspired hairstyle for her wedding in St Tropez over the summer. Her shoulder-length blonde hair was parted down the middle, curled, and pinned back to create some volume at the crown.

Top 5 Celebrity Wedding Hairstyles


Self-professed Man Repeller, Leandra Medine chose to accessorise her curls with a flower crown on her wedding day in the Big Apple. A bright lip and matching bouquet was a perfect way to complete her entire look.

Top 5 Celebrity Wedding Hairstyles

High bun

Nicole Richie slicked-back her blonde locks for her wedding day in favour of an easy bun. The main focus was her long-sleeved wedding dress and white peony bouquet.

Top 5 Celebrity Wedding Hairstyles

Slicked back

For her nuptials with Kanye West, Kim Kardashian choose an elegant hairstyle which switched the focus onto her perfect makeup. Hair was parted down the middle, then slicked back behind her ears with a slight curl down the bottom.

Top 5 Celebrity Wedding Hairstyles

Images via E, The Front Row View, Man Repeller, Jetting To The Wedding, CT Unwrapped

November 24, 2014

Have A Fairy-Tale Wedding – At A Third Of The Price Tag

According to recent statistics, an average wedding in Sydney is estimates to cost around $70,000. The national average spend is at least $36,200 (according to the Australian Securities and Investments Commission), and $53,000 as quoted by the wedding industry.

So how does city compare to country? Weddings in Mudgee can cost around $10,000, which is one-third of the city pricetag, according to Central NSW Tourism. But that’s just one of the reasons the region is a hot-spot for tying the knot.

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Central NSW Tourism has launched its first wedding website showcasing Mudgee’s growing appeal as a wedding destination with gorgeous historic venues, boutique accommodation and stunning scenery.

Lucy White, executive officer at Central NSW Tourism, said:

“Mudgee weddings are much less expensive than formal city events, are a fun adventure for guests to getaway for a few days, and there is a variety of venues in beautiful vineyard settings.

“The region is renowned amongst foodies and with a culinary and creative passion that runs deep, our professionals can cater for an intimate gathering of 20 guests through to a large celebration of up to 850 people.

“Domayn Events can create a vintage-inspired Marquee among ripening vines, try food from the paddock at hip new restaurant Pipeclay Pumphouse, or dine at long candle-lit tables at Wild Oats Pavilion, our oldest winery.”

Perfect for busy brides, the new website features inspirational imagery and a directory of venues, caterers, photographers, celebrants, accommodation, churches, event planners, suppliers, florists, hair and beauty and activity ideas.

Stay at the luxurious and architect-designed Horizon Mudgee, in a historic home at Cawarra on the Park, or in a spa suite at Parklands Resort.

The Mudgee region is a four-hour drive from Sydney with a historic town centre, wine bars, cafes, restaurants, shopping and activities such as golf, winery tours and bush-walking.

 Experience at

October 20, 2014

How To Choose Your Wedding Flowers

An amazing wedding experience wouldn’t be the same without a knock-out dress, amazing shoes, and even the right wedding flowers. This may seem like a trivial problem to have, but if you’re a perfectionist, or simply in love with all types of flora – then you’re aware of how important the right bouquet can be.

Check out just a few of our tips that may come useful if you or someone you know is planning a wedding in the near future.

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The first thing to think about is the size of your bouquet in comparison to your body. Don’t go overboard and indulge in an enormous bouquet of flowers – they can often block the view of your very expensive dress! Choose a size that is in the correct proportion to your body.

How To Choose Your Wedding Flowers


While most brides stick to the two traditional colours for the wedding dress – white and ivory, this means that the possibility of flowers are just endless. You don’t really need to worry about colours clashing, since almost any flowers can go with white and ivory.

How To Choose Your Wedding Flowers

Although, do think about the colour of your bridesmaids bouquet, which can often be a little bit tricky. Make sure that you choose a colour scheme that works well with their gowns, but also with the groomsmen!


The shape of your dress is another big factor when considering the type of flowers for the bouquet. If the dress features a streamline silhouette, then you can afford to experiment with different shapes and textures in the bouquet. Natural flora can also be a nice touch if you want to bring an element of the earth into your wedding.

How To Choose Your Wedding Flowers

Embellished dresses and structured ball-gowns can often be very hit and miss. This depends on your colour, size, and shape of the dress – but if you want to play it safe, then stick to a minimalist bouquet. If the dress is extremely busy with a number of sequins, pearls, and other embellishments, it’s a good idea to stick with a small and rounded bouquet (it’s also easier to carry!).

What’s in season?

Consider the time of year you’re getting hitched, and this will make it easier to determine the kinds of flowers that are typically in season. Sometimes flowers which aren’t grown domestically or are out-of-season can be double or triple the amount – so definitely do your research if you want to save a bit of money on this aspect.

How To Choose Your Wedding Flowers


Nobody wants a wedding dress that looks like someone else’s – and the same rule should apply to your bouquet! The brilliant thing about florists is that they are extremely flexible and will help you to create something which uniquely represents you.

How To Choose Your Wedding Flowers

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October 18, 2014

Top 7 Wedding Invitations Your Friends Won’t Have

An estimated 116, 000 weddings take place in Australia each year. That equates to a hefty price for postage, for wedding invitations alone! But, of course, every bride would be willing to fork it out to ensure that the best day of her life is complete and utter perfection.

For some brides, the wedding invite acts a teaser for what is to come – it reveals to guests snippets of what to expect, without disclosing everything.

Traditional wedding invites are just that – traditional. No one wants a typical, been-there-done-that wedding invitation! Invites now come in all shapes and sizes, with all sorts of designs. So go on, amaze your guests with these seven wedding invitations that your friends wouldn’t have!

1. 3D pop-up wedding invitations

Stand out with these 3D pop-up cards that are taking the market by storm! 3D Cards is an online store that offers intricate 3D pop-up cards that are laser-cut and then assembled by hand. Your guests will love these innovative and beautifully handcrafted wedding invites!

2. Vintage is in, and so are your invitations

Transform old gadgets into funky invitations, like these classic custom-made View-Master wedding invitations. Your invites will look sentimental and classic, and be a ton of fun for your guests to peek into! They are completely customisable, and so cute!

3. Look beyond the page, try something new

Why not try a new printing technique with your wedding invitations? Many couples are now printing their wedding invites on materials other than paper, such as wood, fabric and even metal! The end result: a super cool wedding invite that looks worthy of being framed!

4. Add a personal touch with DIY invitations

Be quirky and creative, and get started on making your own wedding invitations! Not only will this save you money, but you can also add your own personal flair to it. There are plenty of designs to choose from – vintage, rustic, elegant, and more! This is your chance to showcase your craft skills, and personalise your invitations.

5. Chocolate. Always chocolate

What would be better than receiving an invitation for your friend’s special day? Not much else, except quite possibly receiving an invitation in the form of a chocolate bar! Satisfy your guests’ tummies before they even get to your wedding with these quirky and delicious chocolate bar wedding invites!

6. Useful wedding invites

Let’s be realistic, your wedding invites will most likely end up crinkled and torn in a corner somewhere, or even become a makeshift coffee mug coaster. Put your mind at ease by giving your guests a wedding invite they can use! These awesome invitation boxes unfold to make a candleholder, and provide the guests with all the details of the wedding!

7. Folded map invitations

Do you and your partner both have incurable wanderlust and a constant crave for seeing the world? These beautiful map invites are easy to make and also pretty to look at! Share your love of travelling by customising these invitations with the places you and your partner have been, or even by marking the location of where your wedding will be held.

wedding invitations


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September 24, 2014

4 Of The Best Dream Wedding Destinations

Out of control guest list? Check. Spiralling costs? Check. Know-it-all mother-in-law? Check. There’s a reason why destination weddings are becoming more and more popular. They allow you to do the wedding your way, and combine a once-in-a-lifetime travel experience at the same time. Here are four dream destinations to inspire your wedding wanderlust.

Hôtel Sezz Paris, France
Designed with love in mind, Hôtel Sezz Paris boasts a spacious Suite Eiffel with exquisite views over its namesake (above) and a Veuve Clicquot champagne bar. The 26-room hotel designed by Christophe Pillet – a protégé of Philippe Starck – is decorated in a palette of slate, blue-grey and red and oozes elegance.

The Library, Koh Samui, Thailand

weddings, destination wedding, travel, holidays

Exuding minimalist harmony in the picturesque setting of Thailand’s Koh Samui Island, The Library is the perfect beachside wedding venue. With a team of advisors to assist with all elements of the planning, and a choice of three packages to choose from, weddings at The Library are second to none. The hotel – featuring 26 sleek studio cabins – can handle everything from the ceremony to the reception, ensuring the happy couple have a stress-free stay.

Zash Country Boutique Hotel, Sicily

weddings, destination wedding, travel, holidays

As a converted 1930’s manor house, Zash Country Boutique Hotel ticks every box when it comes to romance. Not only does the ten room hotel radiate the elegance of the original building, but recent renovations which include an extension of glass-walled bedrooms, add a glamorous twist to the country retreat. The Sicilian ‘home away from home’ will not only help plan the big day, they will also keep guests entertained, activities available include sailing trips, wine tastings and excursions around the island.

The Surin Phuket, Thailand

weddings, destination wedding, travel, holidays

With unobstructed views of the Andaman Sea The Surin Phuket provides a secluded waterfront setting with a flourish of traditional Thai grace. Sheltered under a canopy of coconut palms and linked by a series of jungle walkways, the hotel’s 103 hillside and beachfront cottages and suites, each with a private veranda sun deck, are luxury defined. Be it a romantic ceremony for two or a friends and family affair, the hotel’s personalized service and hospitality will leave a lasting impression.

Where is your dream wedding destination?


April 11, 2014

Is Your Man a Groomzilla?

By now you’ve probably heard that Kanye West is taking over all the wedding planning for the upcoming Kimye wedding, and apparently – he’s not the only Groomzilla out there!

According to research, 19 per cent of men have taken on the sacred responsibility of choosing the bride’s dress. One study has even shown that 46 per cent of men that have admitted to fighting for their choice of ceremony site!

Bridal coach Rachael Bentick blames the explosion of wedding day budgets as the driving force behind this new breed of groom. With the average wedding costing close to $50,000 the once docile groom-to-be is becoming over-involved and far more demanding in the planning process (sound familiar?).

Rachel shares her 5 tell-tale signs that you have a Groomzilla on your hands.

He pushes every supplier for the best price
Everybody loves a bargain. But when your man is having a Mexican standoff with the reception venue manager over a reduced tea and coffee service, you know that he has taken wedding day haggling to the next level.

He has created a wedding page on Pinterest
If your Groomzilla has disappeared for the evening, no longer is it safe to assume he has snuck off to watch the game with his mates. In reality, he will be hidden for hours in the confines of his office, pinning and plotting weird and wonderful ideas for his perfect day.

He has booked grooming and manscaping appointments…before booking your honeymoon
Once strictly bridal turf, nail salons, spas and massage parlors all over the country are being invaded by rough and ready grooms. Instead of preparing for the big day with a boys’ weekend at the Gold Coast, your groom-to-be is busy penciling detoxes, waxes and facials into his wedding calendar.

He has spent more on his tux than the bridesmaids dresses
This is the year of the Groomzilla so expect your future hubby to splash out on his wedding day attire (because of course, everyone’s anticipating his big reveal above all else). Make sure he doesn’t blow the budget on top hates and tail suits though – your bridesmaids won’t be impressed when they have to BYO dresses.

RSVPs being sent to his email, not hers
You don’t have a say if Great Aunt Mildred gets invited to the wedding? Chances are you have a Groomzilla on your hands. Even more of a sure sign is when you discover that certain family members have been mysteriously directed to the wrong wedding venue.

Rachael Bentick is Director of Inligthen Photography, a multi-award winning wedding photography agency. Visit

March 3, 2014

Top 5 Tips for Planning the Ultimate Destination Wedding

Destination weddings are an amazing way to host your special day; you get friends, family, fun and a holiday packed in to a week-long intimate event that will create amazing memories for everyone who is able to join in.

And while more and more couples are choosing the destination wedding route these days, what most don’t realise is that there is serious planning required around the logistics, coordination, shipping and overall vision. When it comes to local weddings we’re pretty much set with a standard to do list, but there’s tons that destination brides don’t even think about when it comes to planning their weddings, especially those after the DIY look – for example who’s supplying the fairy lights and mason jars? How do you get the bonbonnieres to your exotic destination?

Narelle Williams, destination wedding expert and director at Global Weddings shares her top 5 tips to plan the ultimate destination wedding.

1.    Thinking ahead
A destination wedding doesn’t just mean jetting off to said destination and forgetting about the to-do list! As well as the wedding plans and your own travel arrangements, you need to remember your guests are travelling a long distance too. Don’t forget to think about their travel, accommodation and giving them all the necessary information about the local area. The best thing to do is sit down and write a to-do list of all the arrangements that need to be made for travel, shipping, decor (including sourcing, logistics and shipping of these items) and your dress and groom – to name a few key headings. Next, assign responsibilities and deadlines to each task. This way, you’ll banish that bridezilla and make the day stress free!

2.    Budgeting
From the onset, decide what’s important to you to take and what’s not. Get familiar with what items your resort can supply you with as part of the cost, what is outside of the package and what you’ll need to bring yourself. Trying to lug everything across the world is a hassle and not to mention expensive – especially if you have to pay excess baggage fees just to get your dress and veil across. So look into what is light and easy to send (think DIY faves such as fairy lights, jam jars, origami cranes and chalkboards), and decide what is most important to you and really adds to your vision for the day.

3.   The dress
You’ll need a special dress box to have freighted to your destination – check with your dress maker to see if they have one or you can discuss your boxing needs with your shipping company. Otherwise, full service airlines will allow you to take the dress on board and hang it in their business class cupboard even if you’re flying economy but you do run the risk of it getting squashed.

4.    The location
Do your research into the customs policies for your destination. Some countries don’t allow fruit, wood or other items, so make sure the DIY items you plan to take are allowed in the country.

5.     Shipping
No bride should have to give up on the details – they’re the bits that everyone remembers! Excess baggage fees can be ridiculous, so do your research and cost comparisons and find a shipping company that suits you. If you’re going to an exotic location in the middle of nowhere, check out PACK & SEND, which will send absolutely everything and anything anywhere. Anywhere? Yep, anywhere.

Did you have a destination wedding? Share your experience in the comments!


October 2, 2013