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springtime, spring, funny things about spring, funny images
Weekend Wit: Spring Has Sprung!
fathers, father's day, dads, parenting
Weekend Wit: A Tribute To Fathers
Funny Inspirational Quotes, funny quotes, funny images, funny stuff
Weekend Wit: Funny Inspirational Quotes
fashion, funny fashion, weird fashion
Weekend Wit: Can We Really Call This Fashion?
Spot The Difference, funny images, fun stuff
Weekend Wit: Can You Spot The Difference?
Pet Shaming, pets, animals, funny images
Weekend Wit: Pet Shaming 101
redneck-inventions, funny inventions, funny images
Weekend Wit: Funny Backyard Inventions
bumper-sticker, funny bumper stickers, humor, fun stuff
Weekend Wit: Funny Decals And Bumper Stickers
Cute Pet Memes, cute pets, funny pets, pets
Weekend Wit: Cute Pet Memes
funny selfies, selfie fails, selfies,
Weekend Wit: The Wonderful World Of Selfies
dirty mind, funny, fun,
Weekend Wit: Exercise Your Dirty Mind
common sense, fails, life, people
Weekend Wit: Common Sense At Its Most Bizarre
moving house, witty stories, humour, life
Weekend Wit: The Interstate Move From Hell
parenting fails, parenting, kids, parents
Weekend Wit: 9 Ways To Avoid Parenting
World's Wost jobs, humour, funny stories, wit
Weekend Wit: World’s Worst Jobs
sex sounds
Weekend Wit: Weird And Wonderful Sex Noises
Weekend wit, wit, humor, humour, funny stories, parenting, parenting advice, toddlers
Weekend Wit: What If Toddlers Were In Charge?
penis size, sex, wit, witty stories, humor, funny stories, penis, fun,
Weekend Wit: Is Penis Size A Myth?
proposal, drunken proposal, marriage, relationships, long term relationships, marriage proposal, love, romance
Weekend Wit: The Drunken Proposal
work-life balance, work, humor, life, parenting
Weekend Wit: The Work/Life Balance
Weekend Wit: The Modern Day Woman
weekend, weekend wit, humour, baby, computers, tech-savvy
Weekend Wit: Caught In The Interwebs (Or Not)