What Not To Do Before A Workout

Woohoo! You’ve got the motivation and the time to do a workout – good on you. You’re just about to pull on your new gym gear and head on down to the gym, so you’ve almost made it to workout and fat burn zone… Almost.

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When you’ve got the motivation, the equipment, and the time, you’ve got some great elements for a great workout. But, there a couple of things that you should avoid doing before you workout which can make or break your time at the gym. Simple things that you wouldn’t think would make a difference can hinder your awesome exercise and make you half as productive as you could have been, so follow our tips on what not to do before hitting the pavement or the gym.

Avoid eating too much

Before your workout, you definitely should not have a full stomach. It will make you sluggish, fatigued and a bit sick. Doing a great, high intensity workout is going to be more difficult if you have a tummy full of food, so it’s best to avoid eating an hour before you exercise. If you do need to snack, make sure it’s something light and healthy that contains plenty of energy like a banana or some trail mix.

Plan your workout

It’s great that you’ve got the motivation to go to the gym, but failing to have a plan before your workout can lead to a wasted one. Not planning your exercise routine is a common mistake, which can usually leave you in the gym feeling lost and wasting time wondering what to do next. Plan which parts of your body that you are going to work and the exercises that you are going to do to get the most out of your time at the gym.

Don’t stretch cold

You should always stretch after you’ve started your warm up so that your muscles are warm. Stretching cold can have detrimental effects and can damage your muscles.

Swap the workout for a sleep

Working out on a lack of sleep doesn’t make you burn more calories. It’s better to let your body rest and recuperate than to try and push yourself in the gym when you haven’t had enough sleep. Your workouts will be more fatigued and it’s possible that your form may be sloppy, leading to injuries.

Burn energy in the bedroom

If you’re planning an awesome, fat-burning, exhausting workout, it’s probably best not to have sex before you hit the gym. Sex releases the hormone oxytocin, which makes you laid back and easy going – this can be detrimental to your workout. If you’re especially athletic in the bedroom, maybe choose on activity to pursue for the night.

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