5 Reasons To Visit The Snow This Winter

With lots of snow expected to fall over the next few weeks, now is the best time to pack your bags and head to Perisher or Thredbo over the weekend. There are a bunch of activities for kids, parents and everyone in between!

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Tube Town

If you’re heading down to Perisher with the entire family, Tube Town is the place to be. The specially groomed lanes allow participants of all ages to enjoy the slopes, plus catch a purpose built lift back up! Ideal for first-time skiers or those who want to enjoy a relaxed environment.

5 Reasons To Visit The Snow This Winter

Wombat World

Bring the kids for their first taste of the snow to Wombat World at Perisher where they can learn the ropes. They can practice techniques such as freestyle, small jumps and get used to the snow.

5 Reasons To Visit The Snow This Winter

Apres Ski

It’s not all about skiing and enjoying the physical side of your weekend away! Indulge in one of the many restaurants, bars and cafes at Thredbo. Treat yourself to a pampering massage or facial after a long day of snow sports.

5 Reasons To Visit The Snow This Winter

Perisher Night Skiing

Enjoy Perishers night skiing activities which will allow you to see the stars. The slopes are open from 6:30pm-9:00pm where a chairlift will transport you directly to the top of Front Valley.

5 Reasons To Visit The Snow This Winter

Thredbo Leisure Centre

Relax and take it easy at Thredbo Leisure Centre which is filled with countless activities for the entire family. Go to the gym, take a dip in the heated indoor pool (with a water slide), or play a game of basketball. It’ll be a nice change from the chilly weather outside!

5 Reasons To Visit The Snow This Winter

Images via Trip Advisor, Visit NSW, Australian Traveller, Absolute Alpine

What is Squinch And Why Are Celebrities Doing It?

Forget about the pout, squinch is the latest way our favourite celebrities are posing for photos from Instagram to the red carpet.

Squinching is all about narrowing the eyes, and curving the lips into a tight smile. It also lifts your cheekbones into a flattering shape which looks stunning from every angle! Don’t purse your lips too much; try to keep them relaxed enough to define your jawline.

This technique was actually used by supermodels to perfect their look for editorial and campaign photoshoots. But this doesn’t mean it should be their little secret to a flawless photograph!

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Still not convinced? We have before and after shots of your favourite celebrities, and the results speak for themselves!

Karlie Kloss

What is Squinch And Why Are Celebrities Doing It? What is Squinch And Why Are Celebrities Doing It?

Kylie Jenner

What is Squinch And Why Are Celebrities Doing It? What is Squinch And Why Are Celebrities Doing It?

Cara Delevingne

What is Squinch And Why Are Celebrities Doing It? cd2

Kendall Jenner

What is Squinch And Why Are Celebrities Doing It? What is Squinch And Why Are Celebrities Doing It?

Ashely Tisdale

What is Squinch And Why Are Celebrities Doing It? What is Squinch And Why Are Celebrities Doing It?

Do you dare to squinch?

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5 Food and Drink Festivals To Welcome Spring

With the worst of winter weather nearly over, it’s time to plan the first few weeks of spring. Discover what’s on offer in Sydney and the places you absolutely can not miss out on. So put it in your diary, tell your friends and make the most of Sydney during the sweet spring weather!

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Chocolate Walking Tour

When: 1 August 2015

Where: Sydney CBD, George Street (Meet at Martin Place)

Cost: $39

Who doesn’t love a little chocolate? Well, what’s better than a walking tour of the city with eight venues and a tasting of high quality chocolate along the way? Not much else! You will learn how it’s crafted, how to tell good chocolate from bad and other practical tips as well.

5 Food and Drink Festivals To Welcome Spring

Oyster Festival

When: Saturday 1 August – Monday 31 August (9am-6pm)

Where: 225 George Street, Sydney

Cost: Free

Raise your hand if you love oysters? Sydney’s annual oyster festival is back with international awarded executive chef Sean Connolly throughout the month of August. With over twenty different types of oysters on display, there’s so much to do and see.

5 Food and Drink Festivals To Welcome Spring

Wine Tasting and Meet The Makers

When: Friday 28 August (6pm-8:30pm)

Where: Hyde Park, Sydney

Cost: $69

Taste up to sixty wines and meet the makers in this interactive festival located right in the heart of Sydney. Indulge in light canapés all night long and bring your friends together for a fun night out!

5 Food and Drink Festivals To Welcome Spring

Taste Orange @Sydney

When: Thursday 10 September (11:30am-2:30pm, 5pm-8pm), Friday 11 September (11:30am-2:30pm, 5pm-8pm).

Where: Martin Place

Cost: Free

The food and wine showcase brings delicious produce from the Cool Climate Orange Wine region right to the heart of Sydney. Pop in during your lunch hour, or bring a group of workmates to the event afterwards for some fun.

5 Food and Drink Festivals To Welcome Spring

Glenfiddich Pop-Up Bar

When: Thursday 10 September (10am-5pm), Friday 11 September (11am-7pm), Saturday 12 September (10am-5pm), Sunday 13 September (10am-5pm)

Where: Carriageworks – 245 Wilson Street, Eveleigh

Cost: Adults ($25), Concession ($22)

Enjoy quality whiskey at the Glenfiddich pop-up bar and vote for your favourite Australian artist to win big at the end of each night. Your favourites will go into the running to live and work for three months at the Glenfiddich distillery in Scotland

5 Food and Drink Festivals To Welcome Spring

Images via City of Sydney

Interview: Love Child Creator, Sarah Lambert

Fans of the Australian hit show, Love Child, are in for a treat aligning with the DVD release of season two. SHESAID had the wonderful opportunity to chat with creator and producer, Sarah Lambert, about main themes of the series, how becoming a mother changed her perception of the world and some of her favourite characters from the show.

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What was the initial inspiration behind Love Child?

People often ask where the idea for Love Child came from. If it came from a personal experience or something in my family. And the answer is yes, it does feel personal to me and I guess what drove me is Love Child is the kind of series I’ve always wanted to see on our screens. I’ve always felt the lack of female driven stories. Stories that looked at our history as women. Stories that illuminated our experiences as girls, sisters, mothers, aunts, friends, lovers, leaders, fighters…

I remember in terms of television the impact the miniseries Brides of Christ had on me as a teenager. Set in the 1960s, it told the story of a group of nuns in a fictitious inner city convent school in Sydney. Great writing and great female driven stories. And later films like Girl Interrupted– a film with Winona Ryder and a young Angelina Jolie about a girl entering a mental institution after suffering a breakdown in the 60s made a big impression. 

Going inside these hidden, secretive places, watching the unlikely friendships that happen when girls from all backgrounds are brought together, shining a light on female friendships and different roles that we play over our lifetimes has always drawn me in as a viewer and a reader.

There’s another common denominator with those pieces is the 60s.  I’ve always had a fascination for the period. Maybe because my elder brother and sister, fifteen years my senior, went through their teens in the 60s and early 70s. They’d regale my brother and I with stories of the Yellow house up in the Cross, parties and rallies.

It was the era that saw the birth of the civil rights movement, the rise of feminism – the amazing shifts in music, fashion and culture. Everything was being challenged and reinvented. In a world which is increasingly more conservative and rule bound, I guess part of me wanted to make a show about the 60s that would remind us all the revolution is sexy.  To fight for what you believe in and fight for the rights of people, for peace, for the environment for those worse off than ourselves…

Beyond that the story of Love Child comes from something more profound. A moment from my childhood that had haunted me and that made me aware of a secret history of women in this country that was never discussed. 

Interview: Love Child Creator Sarah Lambert

One Christmas when I was about eleven, we were at a close family friend’s house and there was a knock at the door. I opened it to find a woman in her late 20s outside. She introduced herself as the women we were staying with’s daughter, given up at birth. She’d been looking for her for years and finally tracked her down.

I’ll never forget my mother’s friend’s face. She went so pale. Her knees gave out from under her and she collapsed. No one, not her children or my mother or any of her friends knew anything about this lost daughter she’d had at 16. Sent away from Brisbane to Sydney to an unwed mother’s home in Darlinghurst – all alone at the most vulnerable moment in your life. 

Their reunion was troubled and hard. So many incriminations, so much guilt and shame. Over the months that followed, I found out little snippets about what happened to her at the Unwed Mother’s Home and at the hospital. And it was a story that was repeated to me again when I started researching Love Child. It was harrowing to say the least. I was utterly horrified and scared by the stories. My mother said it was just what happened back then if you got yourself into trouble. Even at 11 I knew it was something that shouldn’t be talked about. It was too painful, too dangerous somehow.

So after that year, we never talked about it anymore. So cut to thirty years later when I read about the NSW inquiry into forced adoptions I was deeply interested. The report that came out from that inquiry was a staggering reading: 250,000 women had gone through this system from the late 50s to the early 80s. The experience of our family friend was replicated over and over on its pages. I knew then I wanted to tell this story.

How would you describe the second season for our readers?

The second season sees the original girls who were brought together at Stanton House, a home for Unwed mothers, finally all have their babies and have to deal with life after Stanton House. Can they go back to their old lives after everything they’ve been through? Or has the experience changed them forever? 

It’s about finding chosen family – the sisterhood of these women bonded through such extremity and loss. It’s about all the characters forging new futures as they step into the 1970s when Australia was a cultural cross roads. The series also follows Joan’s new role as a resident at Kings Cross hospital facing the hurdles of being the only female resident in a very male dominated medical establishment.

The series explores the rise of feminism and the civil rights movement in Australia. Is this a topic you personally feel passionate about?

I do feel passionate about feminism and civil rights. It’s part of my attraction to the era of the late 60s and early 70s. You only have to look at the issues facing women in particular back in the late 60s and see how far we’ve come, and how much we take for granted as modern women.

You could only get the pill if you were married. There was no sex education to speak of.  You were still expected to leave your job when you got hitched. Having a real career was challenging to say the least. Getting a loan from a bank as a single woman was impossible. Equal rights and pay were just slogans (still are really!) and single parents were pariahs who had no support. We’ve come a long way but there’s still a way to go.

Interview: Love Child Creator Sarah Lambert

Even in my lifetime so much has changed in society. My family split up when I was about four and my mother became a single mother of four children, moving back to Australia from the Phillipines. I remember her feeling very ashamed about leaving our Dad and how hard that was for even when it was the right thing to do. The only thing to do. We rented in house in Balmain and started again. It was the early 70s and I watched her struggle and ultimately forge a future for us.

She went back to school to get an education – thanks to Gough Whitlam – and went on to have an amazing career. It was an exciting and complicated time and we were exposed to lots of different ideas, people from all different walks of life. There were always political discussions going on and varied people coming together around the dinner table. 

Watching her fight the battles she did for us and our future made me very aware of how incredibly lucky I was to born in an era where I could get an education, learn about my body, have choices about my reproductive future and plan to have a career in any field I could imagine. So much that we take for granted now was forged by ordinary women challenging the system and just going about trying to have a life. And that fight for basic rights and equality for all people goes on and we all need to be part of that struggle.

If you had to pick just one, who would be your favourite character and why?

That’s impossible question. It’s like picking a favourite out of your kids.  I think each of the characters is unique and flawed. They are all people I can relate to even when they do crazy things. Maybe especially when they do crazy things. You create these characters then the actors make them live and breathe. I feel so blessed to have the cast we have as they’ve brought such unique qualities to each role. It’s amazing to see these characters growing and changing over each season.

Interview: Love Child Creator Sarah Lambert

Congratulations on the birth of your second child! How has being a mum of two changed your perception of life?

I think having children changes you in so many ways. I love spending time with them and find them so fascinating. Tom was a huge surprise. After I had Tilly I was told the chances of us ever conceiving again were less than 4 per cent. I had accepted that we would have one child and had moved on. So getting pregnant while doing Love Child was not on the agenda. He really is a miracle baby. I love watching them both grow up. All the different stages, seeing who they are as they emerge into the world.

It’s so precious and I feel so lucky to have been able to have children at my age that it really makes me question every job I take as to whether it’s worth spending time away from them. I feel like this time is so precious that my work has to really mean something. It has to be something I can believe in and feel passionate about. Something that I can show my kids and feel proud to have been part of. 

So having children has changed how I approach everything. It’s given me a work test, I guess. If a project is going to take me away from these little beings I adore, I want it to be working with people I like, who inspire me; creating work that stretches me to be the best I can be and is work that has a truth and authenticity. Beyond that I think being a mother you get to play again – and that is a lot of fun. There’s a lot of daggy dancing and singing that goes on in our house and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Interview: Love Child Creator Sarah Lambert

Love Child Season 2, $39.95

4 Must-Try Winter Pop-Ups in Sydney

Don’t let the colder weather bring you down! Round up some of your closest friends, bundle up in your favourite coat and head down into the city to some of the best pop-ups Sydney has to offer. We promise the mulled wine and banging tunes will be worth the winter chill!

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The Chalet

The former Victoria Room has been transformed into The Chalet, which will be open for the next three months. The quaint space looks just like a traditional ski lodge, equipped with an in-house snow making machine, delicious mulled wine and even a chairlift at the entrance.

4 Must-Try Winter Pop-Ups in Sydney

235 Victoria Street, Darlinghurst from June 25th

Winter Garden St Mary’s Cathedral

If you’re up for a bit of ice-skating, head down to St Mary’s Cathedral for the annual winter festival. The forecourt is transformed into the ultimate winter wonderland, without the hassle of heading to the snow itself! Kids will have fun playing on the various slides, ice skating and even exploring the igloos. Unwind with a cocktail at the winter garden lounge if you need a break from the chaos of it all.

4 Must-Try Winter Pop-Ups in Sydney

St Mary’s Road, Sydney

Fire and Ice Festival

June in Sydney will see Saké Restaurant and Bar transform into a full-blown whisky bar featuring Japanese Nikka Whisky. Try it with some nibbles, in a cocktail, or try a tasting session with a few friends.

4 Must-Try Winter Pop-Ups in Sydney

12 Argyle Street, The Rocks

Rye July at The Glenmore

One of Sydney’s hottest rooftop bars is getting into the winter with one of our favourite spirits – whisky! Rye July is packed with cocktails, whisky tasting (Johnnie Walker to be specific) and many canapés to choose from. Kicking off on Thursday 2 July, the event will be available every week.

4 Must-Try Winter Pop-Ups in Sydney

96 Cumberland Street, The Rocks

Images via The Chalet, Winter Garden, The Green Welly Stop, Daily Telegraph

8 Non-Cliché Wedding Photo Ideas

Wedding photos are an amazing way to capture the moment of your big day with friends and family forever. Rather than sticking to the same old photos with the groom, parents, in-laws, and the entire bridal party, we’re bringing you a few non-cliché ideas that are sure to be a hit for your nuptials.

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Show off your fancy dresses and impeccable hairstyles with this stunning picture of the bridesmaids. It’s a cute idea if the dress has a cut-out back that would otherwise be forgotten!

Non-Cliché Wedding Photo Ideas

Wedding rings

Incorporate your relatives into this stunning picture which captures three generations of women. We love it!

Non-Cliché Wedding Photo Ideas


Props such as signs and frames will really make your photos stand out from the rest. This fun photograph incorporates older images from both sides of the family.

Non-Cliché Wedding Photo Ideas


If your wedding is taking place on the beach, take advantage of the sand with this beautiful picture. Simply press your palms into the wet patch, and fill in your ring!

Non-Cliché Wedding Photo Ideas


Why not monogram the date of your nuptials into the inside of your dress? Lift it ever so slightly in the wedding photos for a super-sweet gesture.

Non-Cliché Wedding Photo Ideas


For a fun picture with the groomsmen, let the bride sit it out and allow the boys to be boys!

Non-Cliché Wedding Photo Ideas

The girls

Getting ready with the bride seems to be a rite of passage, so why not make it memorable? Enlist the bridesmaids to take the same picture of the bride from different angles.

Non-Cliché Wedding Photo Ideas

Group photo

Selfies are becoming increasingly popular, so get your selfie stick and add one more of all your guests at the reception!

Non-Cliché Wedding Photo Ideas

Images via Buzzfeed, Megan W Photography, Confetti Day Dreams, 123 RF, You and Your Wedding, Pinterest

First Look: Disney And Vans Shoes Collaboration

Who knew that this wasn’t the first collaboration between street wear label, Vans, and another amazing media and entertainment company which we have all grown up with? SHESAID chatted exclusively with the team behind the collaboration of Vans and Disney about those pieces men, women and children need to get their hands on.

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Could you tell us about the collaboration with Disney?

Vans is revisiting a collaboration from our past. This isn’t the first time we worked with our neighbour down the street.  The relationship with Disney started in the ’70s with Vans producing shoes for Disney employees, which over time lead to the collaboration with the fab-five characters printed on Vans shoes in the ’80s and ’90s.

First Look: The Disney and Vans Shoes Collaboration

What are some of the must-have pieces from this particular collection?

I think this is a personal choice as each character has a special place in all of our hearts. I’m personally a big fan of Winnie the Pooh, but I’m attracted to the bold styling of the Donald Duck Authentic.

There seems to be something for men, women, and children. What’s next for Vans? Any future collaborations you could share with our readers?

We can’t share anything yet, but I don’t think this is the last time we’ve seen something special come from Disney and Vans.

First Look: The Disney and Vans Shoes Collaboration

How does a collaboration like this occur? Could you give us some insight into the creative process?

We have a long standing relationship with the Disney and their design crew. I don’t remember who came to who, but it all happened very organically over time.  When we all aligned on the characters, our team filled a large wall with ideas.  When we narrowed it down, we submitted the ideas to the Disney crew and collaborated on ideas to push the concepts farther and incorporate some of Vans heritage into each design.

It was true Disney magic!

Where can our readers get their hands on the product?

The Disney ‘Young at Heart’ collection can be purchased from all Classic wholesale accounts and Vans retail stores. Enjoy!

How To Make A Fabulous Flatlay For Instagram Sensation

There’s no denying that a good flatlay is a must-have for any Instagram account. It’s a cute way to organise some of your favourite products, haul some new purchases, or simply show-off some of your favourite things!

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So, if you want to learn the tricks of the trade and gain instant followers, follow our guide below.


A flatlay isn’t complete without some good natural lighting. Make sure the shutters are open the the sun is shining through. Don’t leave it to the end of the day since it gets dark around 5pm, especially around winter!

How To Make A Fabulous Flatlay


Make sure the surface you are using is bright and clean – this goes without saying! It doesn’t always need to be white (although it helps) and can be anything from your desk at work to the kitchen counter.

How To Make A Fabulous Flatlay


Make sure there’s some space between the items in the image. You can then choose whether or not you want to have each object straight, on an angle, or even curved over to the side.

How To Make A Fabulous Flatlay

Find a theme that resonates with your feed and stick to it. The Instagram app can also help you create a straight picture by using the grid – easy!


Some people love filters and others prefer the au natural way of taking an Instagram snap. If you’re the latter, simply sharpen up the image to make the little details stand out. This feature leaves the image #filterfree but also makes it look more professional, even though you might be shooting on an iPhone 4.

How To Make A Fabulous Flatlay


You can choose to have the image already cropped to size using the square feature on your phone, or zoom in at a specific resolution later on in the process. It’s not always easy to capture the perfect snap in one take, but make sure to snap a few different images so you have lots of variety to choose from.

How To Make A Fabulous Flatlay

Images via Oracle Fox, Happiness Is An Outfit, Bloguettes, Scene, Reebonz

Interview: 50 Shades of Grey Costume Designer Mark Bridges

To coincide with the DVD release of Fifty Shades of Grey, SHESAID had an amazing opportunity to chat with the costume designer for the film, Mark Bridges. This is the very man who brought Christian Grey and Anastasia Steele to life and who worked exclusively on creating the spectacular wardrobe for the entire cast. Find out some interesting facts about Christian’s ties and how to dress just like Miss Steele.

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How did you get involved in the film?

The director, Sam Taylor-Johnson looked me up and asked me to read the script. We talked about the film, what we could do with it and we liked each other right away.

Where did you get the inspiration for Christian and Anastasia’s outfits?

I think Christian’s outfits are inspired by international hunks like David Gandy and David Beckham! These guys who have a lot of money and a lot of personal style, but it also seems young and masculine at the same time. That was the initial inspiration for the character of Christian Grey.

For Anastasia, we were trying to tell a story and illustrate what was maybe going on inside of her thoughts. Always trying to keep it young but never too trendy. Just try to show the progression – she starts off looking like a young girl who is waiting for the bus with a toggle coat, skirt and heavy shoes. Then slowly we see the silhouette change as she changes inside.

Interview: 50 Shades of Grey Costume Designer

What were some of your favourite looks in the film?

I was really happy with a couple of the dresses I designed in the film. One of which is the peach dress when Anastasia meets Christian’s parents. A lot of people have asked me about it and where they can get it! Then there was also the dress I made from sari fabric when Christian surprises Anastasia at her mother’s house in Georgia. At that point it’s actually very sexy – it’s a sun dress. I loved the colour on her and I was so happy with how it played out.

Also, the first outfit, which was the Liberty of London blouse, we made the coat and the skirt. I was so happy with the first impression of Anastasia – that she’s quite awkward and very child-like in the spectrum of things. With Christian I loved how his collars fit him, as well as the suits and ties. Also how we told his story and how he changes from very formal to quite soft by the end of the film as his guard comes down.

What were some of the most challenging outfits to create?

Well, I think getting Christian’s tailoring right was because Jamie Dornan came in quite late. So we didn’t really have much time to do all of the bespoke fittings that I would’ve liked to have done. And of course, his body was changing as he came in, so by the time of the second fitting his body had completely changed.

I think making his suits work with that ever-changing body in a short time-span was the biggest challenge in the costumes.

Interview: 50 Shades of Grey Costume Designer

Could you let out readers know of any interesting facts about the costumes?

We only had 6 of the famous neck-ties made! And between props and costumes, we were working with just 6 neck-ties, so that was a bit of a tense moment. That was probably the most tense and interesting thing to tell people.

What are some key trends and silhouettes women should look out for if they want to recreate Anastasia’s look?

Keep it very feminine! Her dresses are always fairly covered up but still quite sexy and pretty at the same time. Always try to play up your eye colour, which we did quite often with Dakota Johnson –she has those beautiful blue eyes and she wore a lot of blue to highlight that. Try to work with your own personal assets, whether it be beautiful eyes, lovely hair or shoulders. And keep it sexy but lady-like – there’s definitely that fine line that keeps people interested by not giving too much away.

Interview: 50 Shades of Grey Costume Designer

Fifty Shades of Grey is available on Blu-ray, DVD and Digital with UltraViolet.

Get To Know The Wild Collective

Ever wanted to shop exclusively from some of Melbourne’s hottest designers? Well now you can! The Wild Collective offers the very best in fashion, beauty products, hand-crafted furniture and homewards, toys, eco-friendly products, art and so much more.

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The unique event will take place at the Royal Exhibition Building from Saturday 15 – Sunday 16, August 2015. Entry is $2 for adults and free for children under the age of 15.

Get To Know The Wild Collective

Visitors are spoiled for choice at The Wild Collective, with a large selection of vast homewards, fashion, food and everything in between. Resident artists and entertainment will be on hand to provide a relaxing ambience for the entire weekend.

Lets not forget that The Wild Collective is an event for the whole tribe! Here you’ll find luxury furnishings, a children’s area with fun activities and even a pop-up pub for a sneaky drink or two.

Location: 9 Nicholson Street Carlton, Melbourne

Saturday: 10am – 4pm

Sunday: 10am-4pm

5 Things To Do During Vivid Sydney

The winter weather isn’t always a bad thing, especially when the annual Vivid Sydney festival comes to town between May 22 – June 8, 2015. Whether you’re planning a night out with great food, warm drinks, or even a trip with the kids, here are our top 10 suggestions on what to check out.

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Future Classic

Sydney Opera House, Bennelong Point

You might be living under a rock if you haven’t heard of Future Classic, one of Australia’s biggest independent record labels. They’ve teamed up with Vivid this year to celebrate their 10 year anniversary and it certainly won’t disappoint.

Over 2 nights, major acts such as Flume, Flight Facilities, George Maple, and Seekae will be performing at the Sydney Opera House, right under the stars. Tickets are officially sold out, but it’s definitely worth a shot looking for one.

5 Things To Do During Vivid Sydney


Even if you don’t have pipes like Mariah Carey, it doesn’t mean it should stop you from belting out your favourite tune. Vivid has paired up with The Star and various other pop-up bars including Martin Place, The Rocks, and Darling Harbour to bring you the ultimate karaoke outing.

5 Things To Do During Vivid Sydney

Light walks

Take the kids for a fun night out with some child-friendly light walks over the city and the eastern suburbs. Campbells Cove, First Fleet Park and Martin Place are just some of the major attractions this year. The best part? It’s absolutely free.

5 Things To Do During Vivid Sydney


Freda’s: 107-109 Regent Street, Chippendale

Escape the crowds in the city and head to Chippendale for a quite meal over the next few weeks. This hidden bar is located inside a 100-year old warehouse (if you can find it!) and is packed with yummy food and drinks to re-fuel your adventures.

5 Things To Do During Vivid Sydney


Sydney Town Hall: 483 George Street, Sydney

31st May 5:30pm-7pm, $30

As part of Vivid Talks, there are a number of different seminars taking place over the next few weeks across the city. One of the highlights of the program is Matthew Weiner, the creator of hit television show, Mad Men.

5 Things To Do During Vivid Sydney

What do you plan on attending during Vivid Sydney 2015?

Images via Vivid Sydney

Interview With Mango Salute

Want to personalise your greeting cards without spending a small fortune? Mango Salute has completely changed the game by supporting up-and-coming artists and providing high-quality greeting cards and stationary for all occasions. SHESAID chatted with Shoshana Jones-Resnik about starting the company with her brother and found out what’s next for the brand in 2015.

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Tell us how Mango Salute first started?

Mango Salute started almost as a game. Ariel (my brother) was always travelling and we moved around a bit. We noticed that our friends and family in the places we left felt a little neglected and as our friends started to spend more time on devices they all seemed to get lonelier.

We also noticed that the reason we had such great relationships was due to an emphasis my parents paid to written communication. Whenever we went to camp, my parents would send us letters for every day we were away – and my sister’s often got in on the action by sending riddles and drawings and other activities. Written apologies and thank you notes were also common in our house and of course, books were everywhere.

People don’t need much to feel happy and loved. Beautiful written communication made a big difference to anyone we sent cards to, so Mango Salute was our way of making this accessible to everybody.

What are some of your favourite card designs to date?

Card design choices are entirely subjective. I am a very intense, rather grounded person, with a twisted sense of humor. Which gives me a bias towards deep colours and strong lines which you will see in my three favourite designs (ok four – it was so hard to pick).

Golden Hair by Jesse Treece – well really anything by Jesse! He is one of those artists who just has a great sense of humour and I love his style. I sent this to a friend as an AMAZING JOB / CONGRATULATIONS CARD. I can tell you she had worked insanely hard and had amazing results. So this was the perfect representational piece for her at that moment.

Interview with Mango Salute
Golden Hair by Jesse Treece

Okay, I am a bit cheeky for this one – Full Moon by Ish Gordon. I like to use this as my default encouragement card. No, ladies and gents, it isn’t over till the fat lady sings!

Interview with Mango Salute
Full Moon by Ish Gordon

You have got to laugh at the Irony! King by Randi Antonsen is a mixed media piece perfect for those times your friend thinks he is king of the hill, but then realises he was just following a path laid out for him. My sister’s husband got a good chuckle from this one:

Interview with Mango Salute
King by Randi Antonsen


This is for all my friends in the mad house! Whatever stage of crazy my friends are currently experiencing – this card seems to be multipurpose for almost any situation.

Interview with Mango Salute
Circus Folk – Kelly Nicolaisen

Can anyone contribute their designs to Mango Salute?

We have an open door policy for artists submissions, which means artists can come from all walks of life and come from over 30 different countries.

Whilst the submission process is open, we have quality control in place through our art directors. Our art directors carefully select only the best quality images (because we want you to have premium quality greeting cards) and double check content to ensure it matches with our values.

Where can our readers purchase some of the cards?

Wherever you are in the world, we will print and send them to you via your closest printer. All of our fine art cards can be purchased on www.mangosalute.com

Can you share what’s next for Mango Salute in 2015?

Mango Salute is in for an exciting few months. We have just launched our YouTube channel and are expanding our range of cards significantly. The Youtube channel is instructional – it gives best practices, step-by-step and various insights so that everybody can create great quality communication pieces. It also looks at how communication can enhance your relationships both socially and commercially.

Whilst the Youtube channel builds your know how, we are working hard to ensure that our art range is growing to meet more individual’s needs. We are focusing on growing the artwork to be more diverse culturally. From Muslim to indigenous artwork we know each culture has its own ways of telling stories through art, and we would like to embrace them all.

I can’t tell you more than that at present, but there are a number of great things coming up – so keep your eyes peeled!

The Ultimate Wine Guide with Kim Brebach

Don’t go breaking the bank on an expensive bottle of wine you don’t know anything about. This party season, we’ve enlisted the help of Kim Brebach, the $20 Wine Guy and founder of The Best Wines Under 20, about the best reds, whites, and bubbles which all fall under a good price range.

If you don’t know your Pinot Gris from Pinot Noir, check out Kim’s ultimate guide to wine so you always have the best!

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What are the best wines for gifts?

  • If it’s for a family member or close friend, you’ll have an idea what they like, so that’s easy
  • For a friend or colleague who knows her wines, ask your wine merchant to suggest an unusual wine that indicates you’ve gone to some trouble to surprise them
  • If you want to impress someone, choose a known brand champagne like Moet, or a Penfolds Bin 389 Cabernet Shiraz – if it’s a guy
  • For your dad, ask him – he may prefer a bottle of single malt whiskey!
  • If you’re not sure, a gift pack will always be welcome – you’ll find these at most wine retailers

Which wines work well with seafood?

Sauvignon Blanc or Semillon/Sauvignon blends tend to work best with fresh, simply cooked seafood including cold prawns. Most wine writers suggest a young and astringent Riesling but most of these are too fruity to match salty and savoury seafood. This also applies to some of the cheaper sauvignons from Marlborough. A few recommendations include:

  • Yealands Land Made Sauvignon Blanc 2013: $14 at Kemenys (Marlborough)
  • Vavasour Sauvignon Blanc 2013: $13 at WSD (Marlborough)
  • Cape Mentelle Semillon Sauvignon Blanc 2014: $20 at MyCellar (Margaret River)
  • Lobster Mornay or spicy Asian seafood may need something with more flavour, such a Chardonnay or Pinot Gris.

What are the best wine varieties for a party or get-together?

  • Office party: Moscato or Prosecco have festive bubbles but they’re more frizzante than spumante (fully sparkling). More important is that they’re lower in alcohol than standard sparkling wines so people should leave the office party in better shape.
  • Friends and nibbles: Rosé goes with various nibbles including tapas and ham. Montepulciano is a terrific, light pizza red. Riesling is great with cold chicken, and Sauvignon Blanc compliments prawns really well.
  • Formal occasion: Pink bubbly and sparkling shiraz tend to be winners but the latter can be fairly alcoholic so be careful. A big Chardonnay is another good option

If that’s all too hard, keep in mind that the folks in Champagne drink their bubbles with anything and everything, so you could choose a good Aussie bubbly and do the same. A couple of examples include:

  • Madame Coco Brut NV: $14 at  Kemenys
  • Petaluma Croser NV: $17 at Our Cellar

What are some of the most popular wines, and what do they taste like?

  • Sparkling wine, regardless of colour, should have a strong mousse (the bubbles on top) and a fine, persistent bead (the tiny bubbles coming up from the bottom of the glass)
  • Riesling should smell and taste of limes, talc, hints of minerals and have a dry finish
  • A good Chardonnay is full and round and tastes of white peaches and cashews or almonds
  • Sauvignon Blanc should smell of gooseberries, lantana, freshly cut grass and even cat pee (seriously) The taste should be fresh, tangy and savoury
  • Good Pinot Gris or Grigio smells and tastes of ripe pears & apples, with hints of ginger
  • Cabernet Sauvignon smells and tastes of blackberries, black currants and cassis, with hints of vanilla and pencil shavings from oak maturation. Feels cool in the mouth
  • Merlot is a softer wine with ripe, plush fruit in the plum spectrum, with a velvet softness.
  • Shiraz is usually a big-hearted, warm and friendly kind of guy, with ripe, warm red berry fruit and spices like black pepper

What are some of your favourite wines?

Image via People

Christmas Gift Ideas For Him

Get creative this festive season and gift the special man in your life one of these luxurious Christmas presents which just exude style!

From skincare to motors, this list is perfect for a father, brother, boyfriend, or even grandfather who appreciates the finer things in life.

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Mosmann Australia Underwear, $59.95

This popular underwear and loungewear label makes the perfect Christmas present, since it’s something that they’ll actually use! The strong geometric prints are perfect for any man who appreciates a pop of colour in their life.

The set comes with two pairs of silky-smooth Mosmann Underwear, and a pair of festive socks for the silly season.

Christmas Gift Ideas For Him

APPELLES Classic Must-Have Pack, $89.95

The perfect starter-kit to the APPELLES range. Featuring some of their most popular and best-selling products with Australian certified organic oils, you can’t go wrong with a gift like this! Exciting products include the Wheat Protein Shampoo, Planifolia Conditioner, Himalayan Bath Salts, and Vitamin B3 Body Buff, just to name a few.

Christmas Gift Ideas For Him

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Offer valid until 24 December

Timberland Earthkeepers Newmarket Wedge Chukka Boots, $199.95

More than just the casual work boot, Timberland is an amazing gift for the man who wants to look stylish without going too over-the-top. The new collection combines eco-friendly materials with a rugged aesthetic which all Timberland boots are known for.

Featuring 100% genuine leather upper, and a rounded toe for a casual look.

Christmas Gift Ideas For Him

SOAK Traveller Kit, $34.95

Do you know of anyone who is constantly jetting-off to exotic locations? SOAK has made the ideal travel pack for the plane, packed with 100ml versions of their popular Hair Shine Shampoo, Hair Revive Conditioner, and Skin Detox Hand & Body Wash, just to name a few.

Infused with Purple Kale and Chia Seed, each product features a delicious blend of vitamins and antioxidants for healthy skin.

Christmas Gift Ideas For Him

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What are you getting your man this Christmas?