Low Fat Foods Competition Aanswers

Low fat and fun – what other time in your life is it legal to enjoy such voyuerism? No eating, exercising and sex – still great!!!Definitely low- fat & fun and something to be done with your best mates and a bottle of vino! and even in your pj’s!

Reality TV is plastic cheese slices. Over-packaged, numerous additives to make it healthy, but still slimy and not at all real.

It’s full of fat, avoid it, eventually it will make you look like a big, fat, couch potato (with heaps of cheese & sour cream!!!)

Reality TV is low-fat and fun because it allows you to be “Tempted” without “Big Brother” watching and you still Survive!!

stodgy and to avoid! I have enough problems of my own, with out watching other people lose their dignity by broadcasting theirs on national TV!

Reality TV is absolutely awesome. You get to see all the live crusty drama. Fantastic for all us in the closet voyeurs.


Win a brand new Hyundai
Win a brand new Hyundai