8 Makeup Mistakes You’re Making (And You Don’t Even Know It!)

It’s hard to believe, but perfecting makeup is a lifelong skill. Just think about it, really knowing your angles, colouring, and learning those valuable techniques can take a while to master, especially if you don’t have the time to take a makeup course.

To avoid these common makeup mistakes, invest in a few quality products and brushes to perfect your look and voila, makeup can be your best friend!

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Whether it’s your eyes, foundation, or even a self-tan, never forget to blend your makeup after applying! Those lines of contour should never be too visible, so remember to blend it out as you go.

A thick kabuki brush is the perfect way to achieve a flawless look without removing all of the product from your face.


Colour match

It might feel a little tempting to buy new foundation online (especially when you haven’t tried it before and there’s a sale), but try and get your colour matched. Not only will it save you the time and money of returning a product which doesn’t suit your skin, but it’s free to do so!

There is also a handy website called Findation, which allows you to enter your current shade and it will generate other popular brands which are in the same tone. Easy!



The secret to applying a subtle blush is to layer on the product as you go. Dipping your blush brush into the pan and applying it directly onto your face is never a wise option. Tap it lightly into the pan, dust off any excess, then blend it out of your cheekbones.


Lip liner

In an effort to look like the next Kylie Jenner, it is a little tempting to over draw your lips. To make them appear larger, use a darker shade on the outside, then colour the inside of your lips with a light shade down the middle.

Use a white liner or highlighting shade on the cupids bow (just about your lips), to make it appear larger.


Dry, flakey skin

Many women will suffer from dry skin during the colder months since there is a lack of moisture in the air. To keep skin looking glowing and fresh, use a foundation with a hint of SPF.

While it does contain a little more oil, it will help to smooth over any of those dry patches, and leave your skin looking slightly sun-kissed.

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Sculpting your face is actually a little more difficult than it seems. Los Angeles based makeup artist Lilit Caradanian let us in on her insider trick for a flawless contour – a transitional shade: “You actually need a transitional colour because the dark colour needs a medium shade in order to blend into the skin. If you’re using contour powder, you also need to use a bronzer along with it.”


Overdrawn brows

While we all might like to fill in our brows, it is a little easy to go overboard. Use a darker shade on the tail, and work with a brow brush in slow, fluid motions to create the illusion of thicker hair. Dust off any of the colour and work it into the centre of your brows – never close up the front!


Winged liner

Probably one of the trickiest looks to create is the winged liner. There are many ways to create it with a felt-tip, gel, eyebrow brush, or even with a stick-on stencil.

For beginners, we recommend using a thin piece of tape extending upwards from the lower lash line. Then all you need to do is trace a line over the tape, and remove it once it’s dry!


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3 Romantic Eye Makeup Tutorials

Looking to spice up your same-old makeup routine, but don’t know where to start? If you want to try something new, there are many different ways of making your eyes pop, just by using a different mascara or eye-shadow. Whether you’re into a winged-liner, smokey eye or even wearing falsies, here are three looks which are perfect for a romantic evening look.

1. Winged liner

A classic winged liner is the best place to start if you’re thinking of expanding your makeup look. Start off with fresh eyes, then lightly prime them so the eyeshadow will stay on for longer. Apply a neutral or flesh-toned colour across the entire lid – this will act as your base. To make the eye pop, add a light colour to the inner half of the eyelid, and a darker one to the outer half. Blend well so there are no harsh lines. As for the winged-liner, use a felt tip to get a precise flick and follow the natural curve of your eye.

Top 3 Romantic Eye Makeup Tutorials

2. Glamourous lashes

There is nothing sexier than a nude lip and lots of lashes. Taking inspiration from Kylie Jenner, run a soft brown shadow over the crease of the lid and blend out well with a fluffy brush. Curl your lashes then apply mascara and wait for it to dry completely. Trim the false lashes to your eye-shape, then add some glue and wait for it to get tacky before applying over the natural lash line.

Top 3 Romantic Eye Makeup Tutorials

3. Smokey and pink

This twist on a classic smokey eye is fun and flirty for a night out. Apply a primer then use a neutral toned eye shadow on the entire eyelid. Line the inner corner with a light pink colour, and the outer corner with a darker mauve – then blend out well to conceal any harsh lines. Apply lashings of mascara and even add a cat-eye flick if you’re feeling adventurous.

Top 3 Romantic Eye Makeup Tutorials

Image Source: Hair Romance, Nicole Guerriero, Makeup Geek.

3 Easy Ways To Apply Winged Eyeliner

Winged eyeliner is a sophisticated makeup look which can be adapted for both day and night. Only problem is that it is often difficult to create, especially for beginners. The only answer I have is that practice makes perfect. You’ll often find that winged eyeliner is just another technique which requires endless persistence and will prove to look better the more you do it. Below are just three ways in which you can easily create a winged eyeliner look without ending in tears (or smudged eyeliner).

1. Map it out

This is a great method if you’re just starting out, and want to be adventurous and creative with your winged eyeliner. Take a brown or black eyeliner pencil and simply draw the cat-eye as you want it to look like. If a black pencil seems a bit risky for you, try a white or nude pencil. Then all you have to do is trace the line with your liquid eyeliner. Seems simple enough? Follow the perimeters of your eye and this will make it easier each and every time you want to create this look.

2. Start from the middle

Try tracing a line from the middle of your eye and work towards the outer corner. Draw a straight line and get as close to the lash line as possible; this technique is referred to as tightlining. To draw on the perfect flick, use an angled brush and simply extend the line upwards from your lower lash line. Using an angled brush with a gel eyeliner pot is easier for beginners who are inexperienced with the technique. With additional practice, you will be able to use a pencil or felt-tip liner like a professional. Fix up any mistakes with a cotton tip dipped in moisturiser or eye make-up remover.

3. Draw the wing first

Drawing on the wing first allows you to eliminate the hardest part of the entire look. Using a sharp felt tip pen, close your eye and draw a line aligns with the end of your eyebrow. This is the best way to find a winged eyeliner look that is sure to suit your face. Then draw a line back down to the centre of your eye and simply fill in the gaps. Make sure to tightline the rest of your eye, this is often easier to achieve with a larger brush or liquid liner. It gives the illusion of a fuller lash and is the last step to a flawless winged liner look.

Image via Michelle Phan

By Felicia Sapountzis

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