Hair Game Strong: Top Autumn/Winter Trends

Looking for hair inspo this autumn/winter? You’ve got to take a trip back to the 1990s, sister. So says VO5 Hair Ambassador Sam Overton, who also recommends we opt for styles which are “free, effortless, real and lived in.”

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Here, the hair guru (pictured) answers all SHESAID’s burning questions about the latest hair looks to love as the big chill sets in.

hair trends, hair, autumn/winter hairstyles

What are some of the hottest autumn/winter hair trends?

Dry textures are still massive at the moment; a real lived-in texture. It’s all about yesterday’s hair today: something that looks great in a messy top knot or worn out. Don’t think about hair being perfect as it’s not. The more you try, the less on trend it will be. Use dry texturising spray, dusts and dry shampoos.

It’s 1990s meets 2015 and that what we are seeing all over the runways and magazines at the moment. Top knots are still massive, but we are also seeing a lot of messy, loose low buns at the moment too.

hair trends, hair, autumn/winter hairstyles
What are the top, new colours to love?

Balayage is still massive everywhere you go at the moment and it complements the lived-in messy style really well. I prefer a more natural balayage though, working with different blondes rather than the real dark two-tone feel that has been around for ages now. I love the look of darker blondes at the roots blending out visually to lighter ends; more of a natural feel.

And just because it’s winter doesn’t mean you need to darken your hair. Have fun with it! Dark blondes are great and suit a wide range of skin tones.

What are VO5’s best autumn/winter hero hair products?

I love VO5’s Nourish My Shine Bedazzling Oil Heat Protection Spray, $7.99 (pictured), available on-counter May 31. It adds instant shine to your hair and lightly conditions it and makes your hair easier to manage, as well as protecting it from all the heat styling.

My other winter lover is the VO5 Nourish My Shine Miracle Illuminator, $6.99 (pictured below), available on-counter June 1. This adds a fine shimmer to your hair and gives great reflect so your hair looks healthy and shines. It also controls frizz and is really lightweight.

Both products are stocked at Priceline, IGA, Kmart and selected pharmacy groups.

hair trends, hair, autumn/winter hairstyles

How does autumn/winter affect our hair?

Personally, I think autumn and winter are much softer on your hair; we are at the beach less and the sun isn’t always pounding down on your hair, plus wearing winter hats also protects you hair.

I do think hair is worn down more in the winter though, so there is a little more styling needed – blow drying and ironing, for example. So it’s important you use the above products just to look after your hair and maintain the shine and softness.

How often should we wash our hair in autumn/winter?

Same as summer; I always say never wash your hair more than once or twice a week and use dry shampoo in-between washes. Washing your hair every day isn’t the best for your hair as you need to leave the natural oils your hair produces in it to help condition and maintain it and keep it healthy. Over-washing it will just fade your colour and dry your hair out.

hair trends, hair, autumn/winter hairstyles

Any top autumn/winter hair care tips?

Always use treatments and a heat protection spray. And make sure you use a treatment at least once a week to correct some of the bad stuff you did over summer. Heat protection sprays are uber important when ironing or blowdrying your hair too.

Look after your hair and it will look after you. Just like you take great care with your skin, you should do the same with your hair.

hair trends, hair, autumn/winter hairstyles

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How To Style Bangs

Cutting your hair into bangs or a shorter fringe doesn’t have to change your entire look.

Not only does it give some character to straight, lifeless hair, but it creates lots of volume with minimal input. We share with you some of our favourite ways to style bangs or a shorter fringe for the new year.

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Loose curls

Run through your bangs with a wide-tooth comb to untangle any knots, and keep hair silky smooth. For a natural body and bounce, avoid using too much conditioner on this part of your hair, and use a light volumising mousse on damp hair.

Curl the rest of your longer layers, and apply some dry shampoo to your scalp for extra lift! Applying a concentrated dose of sea-salt spray is also a great way to inject a little character into your bangs without using heat.


High ponytail

Not only is a high ponytail appropriate for any type of weather, it also looks great when paired with a full fringe! Section your hair, and secure your ponytail back with an elastic. Then use a round brush and blowdryer to create instant body on your bangs.

This is a flattering hairstyle for girls who have longer side bangs (just like Nicole Richie), and want to frame the outer dimensions of their face. Straighten any stray hairs and apply a generous coat of hairspray to keep everything in place.


Side bun

Shift your bangs over to one side just like Selena Gomez for a sophisticated evening look. Work with the rest of your hair to create a messy bun, and pin back any loose hairs around your face. Use a pair of straightening irons to direct hair onto one side of your face, and mist lightly with finishing spray for extra hold.


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