White Hot and Tanned

Inner Glow

Sunshine. Bondi. The Whitsundays. Port Douglas. Before you go on holiday there comes a point where you?ve to shed your winter skin and get ready to get that constant glow. You want to be ready to flaunt your tan all summer long. Organising your pre-summer glow isn?t just a walk in the park. It takes some maintenance.

It?s important to know just what products can keep you looking and feeling better than the most golden-bronzed beauty at the beach. Looks like the tan is back, but make it fake.Luckily, fake tan and tan enhancers are better than they?ve ever been. Scientists have come so far, we don?t have to worry as much as we used to. It?s not like playing with Botox. Researchers have perfected the levels of DHA (dihydroxyacetone), the chemical that reacts with the skin to cause a colour change in products ? so you

won?t end up looking like an orange. They?ve also added antioxidants and sugar for a tan that is less smelly. Remember those days you couldn?t get rid of that overpowering fake tan smell? The good news on that is that those days are gone. The most important thing about tanning is that you have to rehydrate and exfoliate your skin before you start. The top picks in our books include Aesop Rind Aromatique Body Balm ($28.40) scrumptiously scented with sandalwood and tangerine. Plus Lancome?s latest range of exfoliants and moisturisers are bloody good and two hot new products from this range are priced at $60 for 100ml. Want a cheaper option? Try Johnson?s pH5.5 Body Lotion ($6.30 – and has you smelling like a baby), or try one of our faves?the one and only (and very affordable) Palmer?s Cocoa Butter Formula Moisture Enriched Lotion with Vitamin E ($7.95). Make sure you moisturise regularly after self-tanning. Our big tip here is to avoid any product that includes glycolic or salicylic acid. Products, which contain essential oils, (ala Aesop) will rehydrate your skin faster than anything else. There is a beauty rumour worth remembering- moisturising when the skin is still damp is the word. It helps to maintain hydration.Also keep an eye out for the new wonder pill Melanotan ? dubbed the ?Barbie? drug. Melanotan in its raw form will promise an all over tan. It?s a new wonder drug that is being developed for commercial use in the US and now in Australia. Dr Wayne Millen, managing director of the Melbourne-based biotech firm Epitan, which has the world rights to develop Melanotan says, ?There is a very solid, medical reason to develop this product? we can provide a safeguard for one of the most insidious cancers of all. It just so happens that people like to be tanned.? The only downside to this little pill is that it probably won?t be released onto the Australian market until 2005.

The good thing about the fake tan is that you?re not going to end up with sunburn or look 50 when you?re only 25. This is very important. The memory of your holiday may well be fading fast but if you follow our tips your tan will move into the next winter with you.

White Hot Heat

Come on girls, get positive. It is coming even though it doesn?t feel like it. The storms and cold nights are just an illusion. By this time next week we hope you?ll be able to smell Spring in the air and we hope you?ll have a fresh outlook on your impending wardrobe. The word is white and we?re not talking Liz Hurley, tight white capris with no undies. We?re talking, elegance and good clean lines. From a fantastic cutting edge suit to a flowing bohemian chic dress we have the key pieces you?ll need to take with you into the warmer months.

Check out:

Witchery?s cheesecloth long dress with sherring across top ($159.95). Go to

Tim O?Connor halter dress ($300)

Table Eight pant suit ($249 jacket, $139 pants)

Zimmerman sexy ice princess halter neck dress ($436)

Marcs Baby Doll ?Vegas? jeans ($150)

Wayne Cooper white pants ($269)

Classic Marcs Baby Doll puff white t-shirt ($49.95)

Lu Lu Babe white ruffle skirt ($79.95)

Diana Ferrari ?Payton? thong with buckle trim in white ($55.95)

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Win a brand new Audi