10 Runway Trends You Need To Try

Get inspired by New York, Milan and Paris fashion week and try some new fashion, hair and beauty trends from all the latest shows.

Since collections mostly focused on autumn and winter weather, we are now in the perfect climate to leave that summer wardrobe behind and try something a little more darker for the cold weather ahead.

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All white

Where: H&M

Who cares about #allblackeverything, this season it’s all about the matching white ensemble. We can call it our winter whites, but make sure to you have a stain remover on hand!

10 Runway Trends You Need To Try

Graphic liner

Where: Rochas

The makeup artists at Rochas stepped up their game this season with oddly wearable, graphic eyeliner. A little more Edie Sedgwick (who couldn’t resist a slightly 60s reference), worn with a clean face and unkempt brows.

10 Runway Trends You Need To Try


Where: Dries Van Noten

It looks like Amal Clooney single handedly brought back the high-glove trend, and we’re definitely sitting on the fence with this one. But who could resist the bourdeaux-coloured pair making their way down the catwalk at Dries?

10 Runway Trends You Need To Try

Front fringe

Where: Giorgio Armani

The front fringe was definitely a central theme (no pun intended) at Giorgio Armani’s show over the past week. If you do get remorse from the chop, simply divide your fringe in half and grow it out!

10 Runway Trends You Need To Try


Where: Dsquared

The bigger the better, right? Keep warm this winter by wearing thin layers that work well together. It might just give you the perfect excuse to rock those stiletto sandals even though the temperate is getting frosty.

10 Runway Trends You Need To Try

Big belts

Where: Versace

It was all about the big, statement belts at Versace, which are perfect for cinching the waist and creating an hourglass figure.

10 Runway Trends You Need To Try


Where: Bally

Usually one to stick to neutral colour palettes, Bally showed a different side to their collection with fun, bold pieces. Although the silhouettes remained quite classic, the rest of the outfit really did the talking.

10 Runway Trends You Need To Try

Statement brows

Where: Jil Sander

Big, bushy brows aren’t going away anytime soon, and the makeup artists at Jil Sander made sure of it. Use a pencil to fill in any gaps and set with a clear gel to tame any flyaways.

10 Runway Trends You Need To Try


Where: Rodarte

Classic tweed blazers made a comeback at Rodarte this season which help to refine any type of outfit. Of course elbow pads are optional.

10 Runway Trends You Need To Try

Lip gloss

Where: Burberry Prorsum

Who could forget their first lip gloss? That sweet-smelling formula which stuck to almost anything and was so difficult to remove! Finish off your look with a touch of lip gloss (the formulas have changed, we promise), and dab some highlighter on your cupids bow to give the illusion of bigger lips.

10 Runway Trends You Need To Try

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How To Style Over-The-Knee Boots

As we find ourselves in the midst of July, over the knee boots are making their comeback as one of the warmest shoes of the season. While there is so much variety such as slouchy boots, zipped boots and so on, it can often be difficult to dress these boots up for a certain occasion. Here are just some ways to style over the knee boots to feel warm and comfy just in time for winter.


Channel your inner Nina Proudman by wearing your over the knee boots with jeans and a peasant inspired top for instant boho-chic. This simple day-to-day look requires minimal effort, and will keep your toes warm throughout the winter chill. Better yet, top off with a comfy sweater and shoulder bag to transform this into a night look.


Over the knee boots look amazing when paired with a loose dress, but it seems as though the winter weather doesn’t always allow for this idea to become reality. Instead, rug up by wearing leggings or thick hosiery underneath to keep warm, and for a great contrast. Finish off the look with a leather jacket and fun scarf.


This combination is surely a match made in heaven, but try and keep the dress less form fitting to balance out the boots. Long sleeve dresses are fantastic for winter since they keep out the chill and can be layered if you do choose to switch up the outfit at the last minute.


If you’re planning an night out, choose a skirt and pair this with a warm coat which is sure to bring the look together. If you’re in doubt about colour, stick to all black over the knee boots as this is easier to style and will help to create more outfits for you than brown or colourful boots.


  • Flat over the knee boots are great to invest in since the look will never go out of style, and can be worn a number of times. They are versatile shoes and look great paired with anything in a winter wardrobe.
  • If you’re feeling doubtful about wearing over the knee boots, pair them with an all black outfit. You can’t really go wrong with black jeans and t-shirt, instead try to keep your accessories lively and colourful.
  • This look is all about portion control. Try and style the upper half of the look in flawy dresses, skirts but with a fitted coat. Since the boots are so form fitted, always try and keep the upper half looking even with the bottom.
  • Keep costume jewellery to a minimum. These boots already act as a relatively big statement piece, so let them do the talking.

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