20 Things Men Adore About Women

What they adore:1. Nervous hair play (when you keep toying with one strand/ tuck it behind your ears/run hand through it repeatedly

Why? “It’s captivating because when a girl’s nervous or self-conscious, it flatters us and shows your vulnerability.”

2. Our beds “Women’s beds are always so much more sensual than men’s. The pillows are fluffier; the sheets feel fresh and clean.

3. The way we get out of cars. “Our legs, of course.

4. The way women get mad when the bill or the wine list is handed to the guy. I don’t mind it but she does. “That’s strong and sexy.”

5. Female bathroom products. “My shampoo says, “20% more!” and costs under $5. My girlfriend’s shampoo has 6 paragraphs about its exotic ingredients.”

6.Jeans. “No matter how faded or torn, they’re the sexiest article of clothing she owns.”

7. The way we check ourselves out. “I love it when my wife watches herself in shop windows. I like it when girls reapply lipstick using a restaurant knife blade. “Men are just as vain as women, they’re just more clandestine about it”

8. The way women ask for cuddles. “You know that scene in Pulp Fiction, where Maria de Medeiros says to Bruce Willis, “can we make like spoons” – that turns me to putty.”

9. When we wear their clothes. “I’ve lost lots of white shirts this way but it’s worth every cent.”

10. Our collarbone. “I love that crook between her neck and her clavicle – no matter what the rest of her looks like, her collarbone makes me lick my lips.”

11. The way women yawn. “Her arms go up, her breasts push forward, and she gets that sleepy, sexy look on her face.”

12. Audrey Hepburn’s hair, in Breakfast at Tiffany’s. “A girl wearing her hair up says class, confidence and sultriness. And it also shows off that collarbone.”

13. When we help men put on a condom. “If she assists me, I hate them less, and want her more.”

14. Our legs when we wear high heels. “I love the way high heels make her calf muscles taut and sexy.”

15. Scent of a woman. “It’s a distinctive combination of sweat, fragrance, laundry powder and soap.”

16. Pierced navels. “I find them enormously sexy because in order to show them off girls have to show their bellies and the top of her hips. Who notices the jewellery?”

17. Tiny tattoos in discreet places. “The lower back just above her bum is my favourite spot on a girl for a tatt.”

18. How we eat. “It turns me on seeing a woman take the first bite of a steak.”

19. Fiddling with wedding/engagement ring. “I get a rush when I see my wife unconsciously rubbing her thumb against her wedding band. I don’t know why. Must be a husband thing.”

20. A woman’s face just after she’s fallen asleep. “She looks so young and vulnerable. It makes me feel really protective.”

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