Start Deadlifting For A Killer Body

You’d hope by now that everyone has heard of the deadlift. But for those who haven’t, don’t let the name scare you, because it is something you’re going to want to incorporate into your gym circuit.

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A deadlift, which is mainly used for legs, butt and lower back training, is in simple terms: picking up a weighted bar off the ground. But for your body, it involves so many muscles that you didn’t even think would be working to help lift the weight.

Deadlifts are often portrayed by bulky men, with oversized muscles and hugely weighted bars that look as if they may bend under pressure, and this can scare women off the exercise. However, in reality, the deadlift is one of the best exercises we can do to gain strength, build lean muscle and burn fat.

Performing a deadlift engages the butt and legs, the upper and lower back, and the abs. Deadlifts are great for core strength and when bracing with the abs, will help you flatten the stomach and get that six pack you’ve been working so hard for.

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Not only are deadlifts great for building a fabulous body, when performed correctly, they strengthen the back muscles to eliminate back and leg pain. There is a preconceived myth that deadlifts are bad for your back, but anything will be if you perform it incorrectly. When a deadlift is performed correctly, it strengthens your back muscles, while other muscles protect it from injury.

This whole body workout, exercise and strengthener is a great addition to your gym routine. You should start small with your weights to ensure you can correctly lift, and then gradually build up the weight to really challenge your body and get a great figure.

There are also simple variations of the deadlift that you can try to switch up your sessions. A sumo deadlift, stiff leg deadlift or single leg deadlift can be used to fire up the glutes and work all your muscles in a different way.

It’s best to consult your personal trainer before trying new moves, to ensure the exercise is performed correctly and without harm to your body.

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Gym Etiquette 101: Top 5 Crimes Against Humanity

Gym crimes against humanity occur suddenly and at random; they should not go unpunished. Just the other day, an overzealous, new young employee startled me by jumping up suddenly, within inches of my face, on the treadmill next to mine.

She then proceeded to – gasp – try to talk to me mid-workout, when I was covered in sweat and majorly fatigued as I was halfway through a gruelling intervals training session. WTF? How very dare she?!

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I looked around and everyone but me had earphones in. What an idiot I am, I thought! I’m being highly sarcastic, of course, but is mid-workout really the time to harass people? Does “walking the floor” ever really retain gym clients?

gym etiquette, gym crimes, fitness rules

For me, the gym isn’t a place to socialise; I get in, go hard (in what limited time I have) and then I go home. I do not want to talk to someone, other than my PT, about my “exercise journey” mid-workout, if ever, actually.

So, in no particular order, here are some common Gym Crimes Against Humanity:

  1. The Grunter: There’s always one, it would seem: the beefed-up guy who has to let everyone know he’s lifting really heavy weights (yawn). Keep your God-awful animalistic sounds to yourself, buddy! This strange breed of gym goer may also often offer unsolicited advice and/or use foul language, including the C-word.
  2. The Show-off: You know the type – the girl who always has to outdo the gym class instructor and/or strut around the gym in full make-up and eye-wateringly tight lycra – ala Adidas’ questionable, new gym leggings (pictured) that closely resemble aluminium foil.gym etiquette, gym crimes, fitness rules
  3. The Hogger: You will meet this strange breed in many a gym: he refuses to share gym equipment and will sit, admiring his own reflection, for hours at a time on one machine – naturally, the one you really want to use.
  4. The Socialiser: This could be either sex, but is usually more commonly a woman: the stranger or gym staffer who loves to share odd intimacies with you at every turn and who expects you to do the same, often mid-workout. And if she’s not accosting you, she’ll no doubt be glued to her iPhone or iPad for the duration of her workout.gym etiquette, gym crimes, fitness rules
  5. The Flirt: I understand some people may meet the love of their life mid-workout, but for me, I don’t want my gym resembling a meat market or nightclub vibe. Take it outside, people! Who wants to get chatted up while they’re drenched with sweat? Eww. Don’t ogle others, or yourself. Gym flirts belong in jail. Too harsh?

What are your gym dos and don’ts?

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How To Jumpstart Your Exercise Goals In 2015

Are you too busy/sore/tired/cold/hot/hungry to go to gym, or have you just got a massive touch of the can’t-be-f***ed about you? Read on, sister, for you and I are going to get a lesson in how to set and achieve realistic exercise goals for 2015.

After all, it’s the start of another exciting, new year, and we should all be sweating it out at gym in our spare time, blah blah, instead of snacking on Doritos, guzzling red wine and watching old episodes of Sex and the City.

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Sound familiar? If you’re anything like me, I can sometimes self-sabotage and find every poor excuse under the sun not to exercise. “I’m too tired, I’ll do it tomorrow,” I hear myself say. Slap!

So, how do we stop making bad excuses and “harden the f*** up” (a PT favourite phrase) in 2015? Fitness queen Michelle Bridges has oft been quoted as saying there is never a good excuse to not exercise, especially the well-worn “I’m too busy” one. Bugger.

Instead, the Biggest Loser star says accountability and commitment are key, as is a broad, varied and interesting training regime, in order to achieve our exercise, weight loss and fitness goals for 2015.

exercise goals, goal setting, exercise plan

But what do sports psychologists say? How does a busy working woman and/or mother find time to achieve her exercise goals, in between juggling family, work and personal commitments, without going insane?!

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Here’s some fast, no-bull ways to combat exercise excuses from a top psych:

  • Choose goals that you really care about so that you are strongly motivated to achieve them.
  • Make your goals realistic. That is, don’t set your goals so high that you will not be able to achieve them.
  • Don’t overload yourself with too many goals, choose just a few that really matter to you.
  • Make the goals positive and specific. If you want to lose 8kg, make your goal: “I will lose 2kg per month for the next 4 months.”
  • Break big goals down into smaller ones, as above. So, set a long-term goal, but break it up into smaller short-term goals. This also enables you to celebrate your success along the way, such as at the end of each month, for example, rather than having to wait four months.
  • If you have a setback and don’t achieve a short-term goal, don’t give up. Try to work out why you didn’t succeed and do something different next time.
  • Praise yourself and give yourself a reward for achieving each goal. Allow yourself to feel really good about goals that are achieved.

exercise goals, goal setting, exercise plan

What do you think? How do you motivate yourself to exercise?

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