Choosing The Right Filter: Instagram and Body Image

It seems like having a good body is more important than ever before, and the increasingly popular accounts on Instagram have something do to with it. But when does fitness stop and the obsession of looking good begin to take over?

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Recently, Instagram superstars such as Ashy Bines, Kayla Itsines, and Freelee The Banana Girl have shared a large success in regards to fitness tips and workout plans. But to what extent do these have on our longterm health?

The Gold Coast Bulletin recently reported that Ashy Bines was stealing recipes from other websites and selling them as part of her Bikini Body Challenge with retails at $59.95 for a joining fee, and additional costs between $29.95-$39.95. With over 500,000 fans on Facebook and just as much on Instagram, it’s no wonder that these 12 week plans are going through the roof.

Choosing The Right Filter: Instagram and Body Image

Not to mention the large volume of transformation pictures which are posted on all social media accounts. In an age where images can be altered on both the desktop, tablet and even a mobile phone, how can we believe what we see is genuine?

Instagram itself is feeling the shift, just take a look at some of its most popular tags and followed accounts: me, self, healthy, body, food, and the dreaded #instafit. It seems that we’re all interested in having a good body, but are compromising our health to make it all happen  and it’s not all about these Insta-models who have taken advantage of the shift.

Companies have capitalised on this and are creating products which will help to shed those extra kilograms in just a few days, a practice which is not healthy any way you look at it. So maybe it’s time, ladies, to rethink those weight loss teas, shakes, juice detoxes and cleanses, because they could all come at a price  your long-term health and wellbeing.

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How To Stop Yo-Yo Dieting Forever

The vicious cycle of jumping from one diet to another is doing your body more harm than good. Rather than trying out the new trendy eating plan, stick to something stable which is catered to you and your needs.

Want to stop this cycle of yo-yo dieting forever? A few of our tips below will get your body back on track for 2015.

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Rather than thinking of losing weight in the short-term, make long-term goals for your health and wellbeing. Most women only want to have a great body, but neglect their health on this type of journey. Fill your tummy with good food which won’t cause harm like obesity and other health problems down the line.

Keep it simple

If you’ve set some difficult goals, then you’re more than likely not to achieve them. Change your diet in minimal doses, and keep it healthy, regular and simple. Little things such as cutting out soft drink, and not going back for seconds won’t cause your body to completely freak out.


Keep busy by meeting up with friends and taking part in activities which make you happy. This could be anything from meeting up at the local park, taking a cooking class, or even being part of a book club. Anything that will take your mind off of food is going to be better in the long-term for your health and wellbeing.

Cheat meals

Don’t deny your body from certain foods which you once loved to eat. This act of rebellion almost never works (even on those who have fantastic willpower), so designated cheat meals are your best option. Keep a few of these foods in the pantry, but don’t make it a regular thing.

No deadlines

Don’t fool yourself into thinking that weight loss is as easy as it sounds. The truth is that putting on weight is much faster than losing it; the process could take up to 6 months before your progress begins to show. Don’t let this create a friction in your weight loss journey.

No late-night snacking

Rather than opening up a bag of chips before bedtime, get into the habit of eating early. Try and have your dinner at 6-7pm; this will allow your food to digest properly throughout the rest of the evening. If you do want a snack, anything such as fruit or a light tea is perfect for curbing any late-night cravings.

Food diary

Keep a record of your daily or weekly intake in a food diet. We have the tendency to snack more often than we think, and a food diary is a great way to keep track of everything.

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Easy Ways To Beat Belly Fat

With the Christmas season just around the corner, it’s a great time to keep fit and avoid nursing your food baby in the months to come.

Keep your belly looking and feeling trim and toned by adapting some of these tips to your current diet and workout routine.

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Avoid late-night snacking

Eating late at night is simply just a spur of the moment thing, and doesn’t really benefit your body in any way. Rather than eating something high in sugar just before going to bed, drink one glass of water to curb any cravings, or even a cup of green tea.

Lemon water

A glass of lemon water every morning before breakfast is the perfect kick your body needs. It helps to boost your metabolism, and detox the body first thing in the morning.

Small portions

Don’t feel pressured to load your plate with food and eat it all! A lot of us carry this guilt as a child, since we were always told to finish every single piece of food before leaving the dinner table. Smaller portions are better in the long term, and won’t make your tummy feel as if it’s going to explode.

Core exercises

Work on your midsection by regularly strengthening the core muscles of your body. The plank is a really effective routine to fit into your daily life, and just a few minutes a day will change the way your body looks and feels overtime.

Lactose intolerant?

Many people suffer side effects from eating dairy and have no idea that they may be intolerant to it. Switch to other alternatives such as almond or coconut milk to enjoy all the benefits without any side effects.


Regularly use fresh garlic in your meals since they have an anti-obesity properties which actually breaks down belly fat! Add crushed garlic to your Sunday roast or stir fry for extra flavour and health benefits.

Avoid sugary drinks

Fizzy drinks, processed juices, and too much alcohol can contribute to poor health and a bloated belly. Most of these drinks contain artificial sweeteners which only makes the body feel good – for a limited time only.

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