Having a tight or strong pelvic floor sounds like a good thing, right ?  For many women particularly during pregnancy, after childbirth and they age decide they have to give their pelvic...
Gut health and your immune system. When you read that phrase, does it make you think ‘how are those two related?’ Over the past decade, researchers have been finding more and more...
But first, coffee–right? You might want to hold your double-shot flat white for a second because researchers from the University of South Australia have uncovered some findings about the link between excess...
It’s hard to be stressed when aromatherapy smells this damn good. 
Home-delivered massage? Yes, please. Republished from Whimn.com.au.
I have self-diagnosed leakage freakage – and you probably do too.
Go ahead, #ArrestUs for exercising our fundamental human right of choice over our bodies. 
Welcome to the vagina edition of getting learnt. 
These period hacks will help you feel a little less like murdering someone for breathing too loudly each month.
After talking to some friends with severe, persistent allergies, I realized that allergies, much like mental health, are largely misunderstood and often dismissed as trivial or exaggerated.
If you aren’t mad about this, you aren’t paying attention.
“I think it feels like how your head feels when you’re sick. But your nose is a vagina.”
We all need water to live, but how much do we really need?
This may be the greatest breakthrough in women’s health in decades.
“To see statistically significant HIV protection is a great step forward.”
“It’s time for Peru to clarify and implement its safe abortion guidelines.”