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The Girl’s Guide to Real Estate

There’s a deluge of super-practical personal finance books on the shelves at the moment. Many of these ‘How-to’ titles are geared towards helping women understand crucially important but mind-numbingly boring things like superannuation, the share market and mortgages.Frankly, anything that can make superannuation sound interesting (and understandable to us mere mortals) deserves an award – and a place on your bookshelf.

SheSaid have put together a selection of the best books around that will help you through various stages of your financial or professional life. Here’s our pick?

Stage of life: A room with a view

Book to read: The Girl’s Guide

Get Set by 30

to Real Estate – How to enjoy investing in property by Tess Brady and Donna Lee Brian.

The scoop: The Girl’s Guide to Real Estate is a practical workbook for those of us in the market for a mortgage. Written by serial property purchasers – between them they have bought and sold a total of 12 properties in four states – this guide sets out a plan to set you on the road to financial independence through real estate.

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Book to read: Get Set By 30 –

Women’s business, women’s wealth

How to put yourself in the financial driver’s seat by Annette Sampson.

The scoop: You’re facing the big three-O. Reluctantly you come to terms with the fact that your not a kid anymore. You know you know nothing about investments, redundancies, wills and all that grown up stuff that you’ve ignored up to now. Now’s the time to sort your financial life out. Read in the grip of my own ‘Omigod I’m 30’ crisis, this book virtually changed my life, turning me into money savvy professional without making me the most boring person to talk to at a party, at the

Surviving Tough Times

same time. Very important!

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Book to Read: Women’s Business, Women’s Wealth – create the life you want at work and in business by Amanda Ellis.

The scoop: Have a long, hard look at your working life – are you happy in the job you’re in, in the industry you’re in, with the hours you’re working? If you answered no to any of these questions you really need to step back and figure out what it is you want out of your career. Women in Australia make up about one third of all small business owners – could you be one of them? This book gives you the tools you need to turn your skills and talents into a rewarding (both professionally and financially) career.

Stage of Life: Right here, right now

Book to Read: Surviving Tough Times – An insider’s guide to protecting your job, business, investments and relationships By Lynelle Johnson.

The scoop: Darwin almost had it right. It’s not about survival of the fittest, rather survival of the smartest. Let’s face it – we are living in tough times. This one small but powerful tome offers readers a crash course in understanding ‘the recession we had to have’ while outlining strategies that are destined to help you cope with all that life throws at you – at home, at work, in business and more.

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