Quit using passive language at work and start taking up more space. For most of my working career I have been a serial apologiser, an overthinker of emails, a phone call cringer....
After a year of pairing Zoom-appropriate tops with pyjama bottoms, it’s only natural that you might be a little reluctant to return to your less comfortable, traditional office wear. You might catch...
Let’s be real: pursuing you passion is a luxury reserved for the privileged. 
Here are five simple strategies to help combat anxiety at the office…
You are a boss babe so treat yo’self!   
We all have the time and energy to accomplish miraculous things in a given day or a short period of time.
‘You’re scaring me’. The ninth story in the ‘Tales Of A Fuckgirl’ series… 
Even people with the most impressive resumes can fall victim to imposter syndrome.
Think of you daily planner like a safety blanket.
Quitting your job might be the best decision you’ll ever make.
Doing nothing is just something that I am, unfortunately, not good at.
Being chronically ill means adjusting your life to accommodate your sickness. 
Because people don’t leave bad jobs. They leave bad managers.
Everyone has different feelings about personal space, and they’re usually unexpressed. This makes navigating physical contact at work a minefield. 
Don’t tell me my dress looks good on me between the hours of nine to five.
‘Presenteeism’ isn’t just killing us – it’s killing our productivity.
The modern office bathroom has become a place for things to be said and done that would never be uttered beyond its walls.