Working with your husband (cont)

Do you relate to each other differently when you’re at work? Do you go into professional mode at the office i.e. no touching or showing affection.)

Nick: We don’t refer to each other as darling or anything like that (unless no one else is around). There’s a little bit of touching, but not much. It can be difficult at times! I think Bec was a bit surprised that I could be so serious at work, but I think she is used to it now. It doesn’t hurt having someone in the office to tell you to lighten up.

Bec: Unfortunately there isn’t much (any!) hugging and kissing at work. We are both fairly work driven, so it is a case of slipping into separate modes for work and home. But it is great having lunch with your husband every day.Is it difficult to leave personal issues at home when you come to work every day? For instance, if one of you is cranky at the other about something at home, do you try to put it aside and act normal at work?

Nick: That can be a bit more difficult. I generally don’t like being distracted at work and I can be a bit lazy with sorting out personal affairs if I am busy. Bec likes to have our personal things very organised and so occasionally ‘checks’ to see if I have done something. This can result in a few nasty words.

Bec: We are lucky because we don’t work directly together, so we tend to ignore home issues while we’re at work.

What’s the best thing about working with your husband/wife?

Nick: I get to see more of Bec than I would otherwise which is great and I like the fact that we really understand the work we are each involved in. This is good, especially when there is pressure on at work. It is also good going to work drinks together and having mutual work friends. And occasionally we might sneak out for lunch or a coffee together.

Bec: You tend to be understanding instead of a nagging wife.

What’s the worst?

Nick: The worst is when you go home if you are not in the mood for talking about work, it can crossover a bit too much. This is pretty rare though. Definitely more positives than negatives.

Bec: Talking too much about work when you are at home.

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“I work with my husband”

How long have you been married and how long have you been working together?

Nick: We have been married for 6 months and have been working together for most of that time.How did you come to be working together?

Nick: It happened out of the blue really. We moved to Sydney from Perth late last year. I had convinced Bec that we should move to Sydney so I could work with an old friend of mine, a developer of converging technology business. I moved over in September and set up the ‘base’ camp and Bec came over later in the year. Bec is a dietitian by profession but was looking for a change and had done some IT courses. We were really busy at work and asked Bec to come in and do a few jobs for us. Bec was helping me with part of the business, but she was then ‘poached’ by the director of one of the other businesses we were developing.

Were you hesitant about doing it?

Nick: Maybe a little bit to start with. I think we both wanted to make sure we didn’t cramp each other’s style. But I thought it would be fun. Bec is pretty organised and that was sort of what we needed in the office. The office was a bit crazy at the time. I think we had an unwritten/unspoken agreement that we wouldn’t pursue it if we weren’t happy working together.

Bec: No, we weren’t really aware it happened. We were having a great time so why make a big deal out of it.

Do you think that the dynamics of your personal ‘husband and wife’ relationship spill over into your working life?

Nick: Definitely! We don’t work closely together any more, but Bec is always pretty keen to let me know if she thinks I could be doing things a bit differently or better! We try and keep it pretty professional (or at least I do) but occasionally Bec wants a bit of affection at work.

Bec: Not really, Nick is so easy to live and work with that I didn’t feel that there were going to be problems. Luckily I’ve been right.

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