Get A Victoria’s Secret Body This Summer

Have you always wanted the body of a Victoria’s Secret Angel, but never knew how to achieve it? The Angels are all known for their drop-dead gorgeous looks, but also their amazingly toned physiques which some might say were crafted by the gods themselves!

We share with you just a few workouts which are used by some of the Angels themselves, to create their much sought after physiques.

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Angel: Behati Prinsloo

The Namibian native and VS Angel has been known to take part in swimming and water sports to maintain her naturally slender physique. Paddle boarding, surfing and swimming laps are just some of the ways she chooses to tone her body, apart from a few pilates classes throughout the week.

Get A Victoria's Secret Body This SummerBallet

Angel: Miranda Kerr

With a workout routine mainly consisting of ballet and pilates, there’s no reason Miranda Kerr has an incredible body! Even though she’s usually working on a tight schedule, she regularly attends Ballet Beautiful classes in New York City, and follows the Blood Type Diet in order to stay healthy and keep at a consistent weight.

Get A Victoria's Secret Body This SummerBoxing

Angel: Candice Swanepoel

Not only does Candice Swanepoel love to box on a regular basis, but she also enjoys barre lessons which help to keep her entire body toned. The South African native also takes part in resistance training up to three times a week, which allows her diet to be a little more indulgent than the other angels.

Get A Victoria's Secret Body This Summer

High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)

Angel: Erin Heatherton

Rather than focusing on a particular part of her body to work on, Erin Heatherton takes part in HIIT which keeps the entire body toned and lean. While weight resistance one of her favourite workout routines, she does take part in pilates, yoga and running to keep fit and healthy.

Get A Victoria's Secret Body This SummerPilates

Angel: Adriana Lima

After the birth of her second child, Adriana Lima enlisted the help of a trainer to help get her pre-baby body back. Her workout routine is similar to the other angels, and mostly consists of pilates and boxing training.

Get A Victoria's Secret Body This Summer

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The Lazy Girl’s Guide To Keeping Fit

Whether you despise the idea of getting in some exercise throughout the week, or simply just don’t have the time, we can all agree that starting something new is often the most difficult. Take part in activities that don’t feel forced, and better yet, join a team or bring a friend along with you to ease the pain.

Start early

Most people are motivated first thing in the morning, so if you can identify with this, it is best to start getting active as soon as you wake up. Simple ways to start the day include a leisurely stroll around the neighbourhood, walking the dog, and heading down to the local park.

Simple exercises

Free some time at home and do a few jumping jacks, squats, and pushups. Not only will this help your flexibility, but can be done almost anywhere there is enough space. Other exercises could include doing lunges while brushing your teeth, squatting while watching television or even planking. Sometimes it is good to have a distraction on while you work out, it helps time fly.

Public transport

Leave the car at home and opt for a leisurely walk, or even take public transport instead. We’re not suggesting you run for the bus, but this will give your body some much needed exercise (and save some money on petrol!).

Eat well

Generally, if your diet is consistent, then your weight will be too. Limit the amount of times you indulge in chocolate, sweets and alcohol which could be compromising that fit body. Cheat days are a good idea if you want to pig out once a week, but don’t let this behaviour drag on for days.

Exercise in bed

Seriously! Sanford Bennett created a bunch of exercises which are designed to be in bed, with the covers on. One particular exercise which aims to work out the triceps, back and upper arm muscles requires you to lie on your side, grasp your right arm and pull back.

Take the stairs

Where possible, ditch the escalator, elevator and anything in between for the stairs. This simple change will build up slowly, and leave your legs looking and feeling better each day.

House chores

Is there any wonder why you feel exhausted after tidying up the house? Vacuuming, cleaning, mopping and washing all are great exercises which work out the entire body. They may not seem like hard work, but at least an hour a day will prove good for your body.

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Popular Couples Workout Trends

Working out with a partner is more than just having some good company throughout the day. You can offer each other some much-needed moral support, and encourage one another to push past your limits when it comes to fitness. If you love to work out with a friend, below are some specially designed workouts which are made for those special two.


All is fair in love and war, right? Swap one of your dinner-date nights for a kickboxing workout class. Many gyms offer a trial class, which is great for getting in some much needed cardiovascular workouts at least once a week.

Partner Yoga

For those who prefer a slower workout why not practice yoga with your partner? Not only can you support each other through the various poses, but encourage one another in the often tiresome workout routines. Some yoga poses which are perfect for couples include: the supported back arch, double boat, and the double standing straddle, to name just a few.


Head down to your local pool and swim with your partner. You can choose from a variety of exercises, including racing each other in the pool. Interchange your techniques to include breast stroke, butterfly and backstroke to get a full body workout.

Beach run

If the weather is appropriate, why not try a run along the beach? Running with a partner is much more rewarding than being alone, and will push you to your ultimate limits. The terrain is also more difficult, which will contribute to a better workout as opposed to grass or on the treadmill.

Tandem cycling

Why not try tandem-cycling with your partner of friend? This workout makes you rely on one another, and only works if both partners put in their effort. Cycling is also a great workout which targets the legs and the core muscles of the body.

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