World Food Indonesia Winners

World Food Indonesia winnersQuestion – Tell us the scariest thing you’ve ever eaten…

“Sea slugs at a Chinese wedding!”

“I once ate whiskettes (cat biscuits)that my sweet

brother had stuffed in the bottom of an icecream cone he made me. Alarm

bells should have sounded when he offered to do something nice…”

“i reckon that liquid plastic cheese they use in the US is

pretty scary stuff.”

“When I was in Indonesia, I ate bull’s balls without even

knowing it! They were all veiny and gross!!!”

“Fresh duck’s blood pudding with chillies, fried peanuts, hot

basil and lemon juice.”

World Food Greece winners

Question –Tell us about the most fattening dish you have ever eaten…

“Deep Fried Castello Cheese – yyyyyyuuuuuummmmmm but I could

feel the arteries hardening!!!!”

“It would havt to be a dish made by my boyfriends

grandmother, called German Fried Potatos. All it consists of is a kilo of

potatos, bacon and a kilo of butter.”

“I cooked a romantic candle light dinner for my

husband -seafood in a cream sauce – I put on 3 stone- I think it was the

dessert that did it(I ended up pregnant!)”

“My Hungarian Mum used to make “rokot palacinta”, which is

stacked,filled pancakes.They are sliced like a gateau.Between every single,

flat pancake [and Mum stacked at least 25 of them] she would spread

chocolate cream, walnuts, jam, whipped cream, nutella etc.It was delicious,

tasted fattening and was indeed a billion calories.”

“I ate a bread called Langos in a town called Szentendre in

Hungary, which was basically a lump of dough thrown in a voiling tub of oil

and allowed to cook and absorb it until it expanded to about twice its size.

To make it perfectly calorie laden it was topped with cheese, I couldn’t get

the taste of oil out of my mouth for 2 days.”

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