Lonely Planet – World Food Indonesia

Hot off the Lonely Planet press comes the latest tasty little number in the World Food series, World Food Indonesia.

Indonesia’s rich history is one of the keys to the development of this delicious and diverse cuisine with China, India. Persia, Arabia, Portugal, Spain, England and of course, the Dutch, all having their finger in the Indo pie at some time or other.

World Food Indonesia offers the traveller and armchair traveller alike, a wealth of foodie facts and figure, recipes, tips and treats. Chapters include The Culture of Indonesian Cuisine, Staples and Specialties including soups, spices and sauces, Where to Eat and Drink and all you need to know about hosting an Indonesian banquet. World Food Indonesia is the book for people who, as the cover proclaims ‘live to eat, drink and travel,’ and this handy guide will have you ordering rendang, babi guling and tasty jajanan like a local. If you’re anything like me, before long your love affair with the savoury delights of sambal, kecap manis and saus kacang will see you stocking your pantry with these condiments forever more.

The Eat Your Words Language Guide including an easy to follow pronunciation guide will be a great help when eating out and on your culinary shopping expeditions. A selection of useful phrases will see you through most eating and drinking situations with ease.

SheSaid’s top tip? Some parts of Indonesia, notably North Sulawesi and the Batak region in Sumatra, sometimes use the meat of our canine companions in their cooking. So if you’re not in the market for a dish of dog be aware. B1 is the term for dog in the Batak region, a name which derives from biang, the local word for dog. Woof!

By Sally Schofield

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