I Got Botox Injected Into My Jaw To De-Stress

There’s more than one use for injectables. 

5 Line-Filling Skincare Secrets

Hide those premature signs of ageing by incorporating a line-filling cream into your daily skincare routine. Most of these formulas are thick and luxurious and are designed for women in their mid-thirties, but you can use them as often as you like for best results!

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Indeed Labs Fillume Volumising Moisturiser, $39.99

Try a topical moisturising cream such as Fillume to restore the look of facial contours, plump the appearance of smile/laugh lines and even improve the tone and texture of the skin. This handy little applicator makes it so quick and easy to distribute the right amount of product over your face at all times.

5 Line-Filling Skincare Secrets

Elemental Herbology Cell Plumping Facial Hydrator, $84

For a luxurious moisturiser with added SPF, try this cell plumping formula which is perfect for morning, noon and night. Use it under your makeup as a primer, or layer it with your other skincare for an instant lift.

5 Line-Filling Skincare Secrets

Kate Somerville Age Arrest Anti Wrinkle Cream, $120

Effectively reduce the appearance of impending lines and wrinkles with this lightweight cream for both morning and night. Not only is it amazing for all skin types, but it also helps to fight against the appearance of skin discolouration.

5 Line-Filling Skincare Secrets

Puretopia Pert & Plump Line Filling Peptide Lip Cream, $14.95

While we technically might be cheating since this product is designed for your lips, it still deserves a mention! Packed with shea butter and vitamin C extracts to fill those lines and give you a long-lasting smile, it will also act like an instant primer when applied under your lipsticks.

5 Line-Filling Skincare Secrets

Philosophy Deep Fill Fix, $34

We’re finishing off this list of products with an instant line smoother for the face and body. Ideal for laugh lines, crows feet and forehead creases, it instantly creates a smooth appearance. Layer it with your other skincare, or use it under your foundation or concealer to get the full effect.

5 Line-Filling Skincare Secrets

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Is Your Smartphone Giving You Wrinkles?

In the UK, the average women checks her smartphone 150 times a day. If you’re like one of these millions of women chances are you’ve started to notice a strange crease forming around your neck. Say hello to tech neck, the latest aging problem for the tech-infatuated generation.

Dermatologists say that constant neck bending to look at screens is leading to sagging skin, dropping jowls and a distinct crease above the clavicle, a condition they have dubbed ‘tech neck’.

“The problem of wrinkles and sagging of the jowls and neck used to begin in late middle age but, in the last 10 years, because of tech neck, it has become a problem for a generation of younger women,” Dr Christopher Rowland Payne, a consultant dermatologist at The London Clinic, said.

The tech neck phenomenon might have drawn our attention to the neck and décolletage but this has long been one of the most vulnerable areas to ageing. The cause of its vulnerability is three tiered: sagging muscles, sensitive skin (second only to our eyelids) and gravity. Known as the Y-Zone, this area is made up the lower face, neck, throat and upper chest.

“As we age, the major muscles running down both sides of the neck become less taut and, because they don’t sit along a bone like most muscles, they loosen easily. They also become more fibrous, and the fact that there’s little fatty tissue in the neck to cushion and disguise this change in texture we start to see a turkey-neck effect.” says plastic and reconstructive surgeon Dr Marko Lens.

With a mere 32 per cent of women using neck and décolletage treatments it’s no wonder that this area is becoming increasingly quick to reveal our true age. Traditional advice tell us to use our face cream on our neck and décolletage however facial creams are of little help with this vulnerable area requiring a more specialised approach.

The Skin Republic Neck + Décolletage Repair uses the latest advances in cloth mask technology to create a mask specifically designed to target the neck and décolletage. Containing potent anti-agers Collagen, CoQ10 and Vitamin E to boost moisture and restore firmness. Mulberry and Liquorice help to lighten dark spots and freckles caused by sun damage.

This cloth mask has been designed to comfortably fit your neck and décolletage. Unlike traditional creams a cloth mask adheres to the skin providing a continuous and concentrated dose of serum making it more effective in improving the tone and texture of the skin.

5 Ways To Avoid Wrinkles

While we’re all prone to getting wrinkles especially with age, there are few things you can do now to prevent premature ageing. Even if you’re in your twenties, you shouldn’t be heading out into the sun without a proper SPF for starters.

Abide by the following five rules now, to avoid premature lines and wrinkles from showing up in the not-so-distant future.

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Almond oil

Using a serum is one of the best ways to nourish your skin every single day. The best time to apply a serum is right after cleansing and toning, and just before heading to bed.

Not only is almond oil good for the skin on the rest of your body, but it will also help to nourish dry or flaky skin on your face. Apply just a few drops of the product onto cleansed skin, then massage gently into circles on your cheeks, chin and forehead. Almond oil isn’t as greasy as other serums, so it will soak into the skin quite fast and without any hassle.


It goes without saying that a high SPF will save your skin from wrinkles, crows feet, moles, and even long-term skin damage. If you apply makeup on a daily basis, use a foundation with an added SPF. In most cases this will be up to 18, but keep a small bottle of sunscreen in your handbag if you ever feel the need to re-apply throughout the day.

Most sunscreen formulas are now light and come without the thick white flash-back, making them really easy to apply on both the face and body.

Fatty acids

Did you know that omega-3 fatty acids are just some of the best ways to clear, and healthy skin? Olive oil, salmon, flaxseed and many fish oil supplements help to keep skin moisturised and are good for your body as well! Try and include just some of these foods into your meals throughout the week for better looking skin.

Oestrogen face cream

Mature skin is more prone to breakage, especially since fine lines and ageing are directly caused by the skin thinning out. Women who are currently experiencing menopause can greatly benefit from oestrogen face creams, since this will help to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and skin damage.

Oestrogen creams can also be used for women in their 20’s and 30’s since it helps to increase the levels of hyaluronic acid in the skin. Apply a pea-sized amount of the product onto problem areas such as around the eyes, forehead and mouth by simply dabbing into the skin.

Quit smoking

There is no denying that smoking or even second-hand smoke is bad for both the skin and body. The toxic chemicals found in cigarettes decrease the flow of oxygen in the skin, and often emphasise existing dark lines and wrinkles.

If you do suffer from significant damage due to smoking, it’s best to have a solid skincare routine which is based upon regular cleansing, toning, and moisturising which can help improve the quality and texture of your skin.

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Is Sugar Really Linked With Wrinkles?

There’s a lot of research and evidence against sugar out there at the moment and, unfortunately, premature aging is yet another side effect of a diet full of sugary sweetness. Emma Hobson, education manager for the International Dermal Institute, tells us why:

“Sadly, yes, sugar does cause wrinkles! We now know that collagen and elastin proteins (essential for a firm, youthful skin) are highly susceptible to an internal chemical reaction within our body called glycation, resulting in the formation of advanced glycation end-products (AGEs).

“AGEs contributes to the ‘thickening’ and ‘stiffening’ of protein fibres resulting in wrinkles, the loss of elasticity causing sagging and the aging process.

“Therefore, next time you look at that piece of chocolate cake, don’t worry about the calories as much as the way it’s going to age your skin!”

We recommend: Dermalogica AGE Smart Multivitamin Power Firm, $56 

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Do Eye Creams Actually Work?

While we are constantly encouraged to use eye creams even in our early twenties, how can we be sure that these often expensive formulas even work? Effective eye creams boast smoother lines and wrinkles, eliminate dark circles and decrease puffiness – which will often lead to a more youthful appearance. Below are just a few different ways to choose your eye cream, and how to treat your face the correct way.

Effectiveness on puffy eyes

Although almost all eye creams aim to combat those irritating puffy circles, this buildup of fluid and blood under the eyes can also be cured by caffeine. Try switching up your diet, since this could also dramatically alter the way your skin looks and feels. Recent studies show that cold temperatures can also reduce the look of puffy eyes – a cold compress works well to decrease the puffiness on problem areas.

Effectiveness on dark circles

Dark circles are often hereditary and won’t fully reduce in appearance – regardless of what you do to them. Other factors such as sun damage and pregnancy can often highlight dark circles which are often difficult to get rid of. Vitamin C, vitamin B3 and niacinamide have proven to slightly conceal the look of dark circles more effectively than eye creams.

Can I use regular moisturiser on my eyes?

Sure. Just remember that the eye area is more delicate than the skin on your forehead or chin, since it is quite thin and prone to breakage. You can use a normal moisturiser on your eyes, but the formulas are not as concentrated as you think. Choose an under eye cream which is fragrance-free, since this would be less irritable for the delicate eye area.

What ingredients should I look for?

When choosing a new eye cream, look out for the following ingredients which will transform the look and feel of your skin. According to plastic surgeon DR Marck Malek, pay close attention to “Hyaluronic acid (hydrates ), ceramides (retain moisture), retinol (promotes new cell growth or regeneration) and neuropeptides (increase the production of collagen and elastin production), vitamin C (collagen production), vitamin E ( nourishes and soothes skin). ”

How much eye cream should I be using?

Many people have the mentality that using too much eye cream will only help to repair and nourish the intended area. Only use the size of a pea on your under eye area, as well as the inner corner extending into the brow. If you have too much product left over, use it on your neck or hands.

These ingredients work in a number of ways to repair, smooth and nourish skin after increased exposure to the elements.

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How To Avoid Premature Ageing

Rather than depending on miracle cures which promise to reduce signs of premature ageing, be proactive with your skincare regime and try to live in a way which will benefit your health. The best way is to work with what you’ve got, and try to give a little more tender loving care to the delicate skin on your face. The number one trick is the best and most effective; apply sunscreen onto your face every single day. Here are some other helpful tips you can apply to your skincare regime and keep signs of premature ageing at bay.

Sun damage

If you’re heading out to the beach or simply taking a leisurely stroll, remember to always apply sunscreen. Most sunscreens can fee oily and cast a white shadow across the face, but if this bothers you choose a foundation with a high SPF and this should do the trick instead. A wide-brim hat is the perfect way to protect yourself against the dangerous ultraviolet rays which penetrate deep into the skin. Continuous exposure to the skin is responsible for liver spots across the face and body. If you are planning a trip to the beach or park, avoid direct sunlight between 10am-3pm, this is when the suns rays can cause the most damage.

Stop smoking

Even if you aren’t a smoker yourself, being exposed to continuous second hand smoke is just as harmful. Wrinkles are more prominent in people who are smokers and are the number one sign of premature ageing. Smokers will also experience crow’s feet around the outer eyelid, droopy skin under the eyebrows and a large amount of defined lines on the forehead, than a non-smoker.


Drinking an excessive amount of alcohol has been proven to be toxic to a healthy, youthful appearance. Women who consume more than one standard drink a day run the chance of depriving their skin of nutrients, and dehydrating the body both inside and out. Avoid binge drinking since it is detrimental to both your skin and good health in general.


Moisturising your face and body on a day-to-day basis is the best way to avoid any lines and wrinkles coming through. Not only do they help the skin to retain more water, but keep it firm and tight throughout the day and night. Use a gentle cleanser on your face as part of a simple skincare routine, and choose a nourishing night cream to prevent skin from completely drying out. Avoid using soaps to wash your skin, since they are extremely drying and strip all natural oils from the surface. 

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Botox :The Upshot

Botox. Everyone seems to be doing it. Celebrities faces are all looking pretty ironed out and smooth these days. So smooth in fact that we all want a little bit of what they?ve got, but some of us just can?t work the whole thing out. You know it can get rid of wrinkles and that?s a bonus, but what is it really?For a start, Botox is Botulinum Toxin Type A. It comes from a deadly bacterial toxin. This toxin is found generally in canned or preservative food. It has, over the years been purified for beauty and cosmetic use. It works something like this: the wrinkle in question is injected and temporarily paralyses the muscles around it so it can?t move anymore. Really the upshot of this is that if your face can?t move, then it can?t make that annoying wrinkle you?ve grown to despise.

Botox is performed, in most

cases on the wrinkle at the top of the nose-the furrowed brow between the eyebrows. There are other places – the forehead, other lines and crow?s feet around the eyes. It takes approximately ten minutes, there is only a slight sting – like a bee stinging the skin and it?s effects last three to four months. The difference is obvious almost immediately and oh yes that bit?it costs around $400. You?d also probably want to know that the celebs who love it are Madonna, Cher and Meg Ryan. As if you can?t tell anyway!This is the good news about Botox. The bad news is that there are possible side effects: possibly headache, respiratory infection and nausea. Sometimes there can be faint bruising or a dull ache around the site of the injection. Also there have been instances where weakness has occurred in other muscles. In even rare cases, temporary drooping of the eyelid has occurred. All of the side effects of regular use are not apparent now?we?ll have to wait until they all get old to see what happens to their faces. The choice is yours, but we think prevention is better then a cure, so here are some products if you don?t fancy $400 a pop every four months.

Prescriptives Magic Invisible Line Smoother:

Gel-based, soothing and it does what it says it?s going to do. Approx $71

Origins Grin From Year To Year, Brightening Face Firmer

The best for dry, and losing its lustre kind of skin. Soy bean and rice bran oils offer a natural solution. Approx $54

Another absolute must is to wear sunscreen everyday and remember?DON?T FROWN!!!

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