Why did Heather split with Richie?

Why did Heather split with Richie?

Heather Locklear and Richie Sambora?s split come out, it seems that the end was inevitable. Although ?irreconcilable differences? were stated on the divorce papers, there was reportedly another woman involved. Apparently Heather had long been suspicious of the relationship Richie had with his 39-year-old personal assistant Stephanie Heaton. She was fired last year after Heather found steamy pictures of the brunette sent to Richie?s email account. The final straw came, however, when she found out that her husband hadn?t stopped contact Stephanie and had been talking to him every day on the phone. According to a friend: “She’s devastated?Absolutely devastated.”

Britney and the ex?
As her marriage crisis deepens, Britney Spears is spending increasing amounts of time with her ex-husband Jason Alexander. Although their shotgun Las Vegas marriage only lasted a mere 55 hours, the pair have remained friends and have been seeing each other with increasing regularity. A source told Britain’s News of The World newspaper: “She used to visit once a month, but now it’s more regular. She usually goes on Wednesdays.” Jason?s luxury apartment is conveniently located in the same block as Britney?s father Jamie, so she tells Kevin she?s visiting her father but sneaks off to visit Jason instead.

Brits apologises for endangering Sean Preston
Meanwhile, Britney Spears has publicly apologised for endangering her son?s life last week. She was spotted driving down a Los Angeles freeway with four-month-old Sean Preston perched on her lap. ?I made a mistake and so it is what it is, I guess,? she said. Despite this apology, American Transportation chiefs are concerned what impact her foolishness will have on her fans. “Recent photos of Britney Spears driving with her infant son on her lap are troubling. And while Ms. Spears has acknowledged her mistake, her actions still send the wrong message to millions of her fans,” US Transportation Secretary Norman Mineta said. The pop star said the mistake was due to a frightening encounter with paparazzi. It seems husband Kevin Federline wasn?t too happy that his son?s life was endangered and both were reportedly looking miserable as they watched Kayne West?s pre-Grammy Performance last week. According to one onlooker, they “were obviously bickering during Kanye’s first three songs.” It looked like the argument was over by the end of the show however.

Paris Hilton to be Mother Teresa?

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