Latest Fitness Craze: Yoga For Children

While we all know that you can never be too old to do yoga, it now seems you can’t be too young, either! The concept was founded by yoga teacher Rebecca Quade and world renowned songwriter and music producer Andrew Klippel. Together they have created a modern yoga concept to get kids moving and entertain them.

Yoga Pop! is filled with colour, music and movement and is the bright new way for children to experience yoga with their mums and dads in a fun and creative space.

The classes are completely interactive and engages children and adults alike, for an innovative yoga experience like no other. Combing breathing, stretching and dancing with exclusively developed pop music, Yoga Pop! is a unique take on yoga that children, aged 18 months to six years, love.

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Where to find it: Yoga Pop! classes are held at Flow Athletic in Paddington every Wednesday morning at 9.30am.

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