How Dirty Minded Are You? Take The Dirty Mind Test

July 11, 2019

Are you innocent, or do you have a dirty mind and a naughty side? 

It can be fun to have a dirty mind.

As the person who’s always been the OTT, openly sexual gal in my girl gang, I’m often talking about sex and I’d consider myself to have a little bit of a dirty mind (okay, a lot of a dirty mind), but where do you fall on the scale?

When you see someone closing their eyes and really enjoying their banana, do you have a giggle? If your partner yells out “are you coming?” from the hallway as you’re running late to an event, do you chuckle to yourself?

In my latest video, I show several pictures and see whether they make innocent or dirty thoughts pop into my head and encourage you to play along.

Come on, take the test to find out how dirty you really are…

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