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Tales Of A F*ckgirl: Cum With Me To SEXPO

Tales Of A F*ckgirl: Cum With Me To SEXPO

I head to SEXPO, and I’m taking you guys along for the ride. 

Part of my too-crazy-to-be-real job involves going to events and talks to discuss sex, relationships and breaking down stigma and taboo. SEXPO is a sexuality and lifestyle expo, and one of the gigs I was invited to speak at. So I flew from Sydney to Melbourne for the weekend-long event, and it was ah-may-zing.

I spoke to porn stars, rode in condom cars, chatted with cam girls and filmed everything.

Cum with me to SEXPO in this week’s “Tales of a F*ckgirl” addition…

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Join the discussion: What was the most interesting part of SEXPO to you? 

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