Tales Of A F*ckgirl: How An Avocado Led To The Hottest Sex Of My Life

August 14, 2019

‘I was going to rip those clothes off his body and do all kinds of nasty things to him.” The tenth story in the ‘Tales Of A Fuckgirl’ series…

We left off as I was in the middle of a major breakdown.

Everything was falling apart and it had become clear that I was using men as a (very temporary) bandaid solution for the pain I felt following my marriage breakdown. I’d been crying for days and had sworn off men… until I heard my phone ding.

“You have a nice smile.’

It was a new guy from the dating app I was on. Eager to get out of the house, we arranged to meet a few hours later in the city.

I showed up at the bar and saw a guy sitting alone at a table in the corner. He was rugged and good looking, but he honestly seemed annoyed. The look on his face was as if he’d just lost his job.

I approached the grumpy-looking guy, and he gave me a look I’ll never forget. He looked like he was in shock.

“Wow, you really came!”

Surprised by his surprise, I asked why he’d assumed I wouldn’t have come.

“I thought you were so attractive that if there was even a one percent chance that you were an actual person, I was willing to come and find out.”

The comment was sweet enough for me to look past his grumpy demeanor. We had a drink and he offered to walk me home.

On the walk, he didn’t seem all that confident and he didn’t have much to say. He came across as shy, meek and somewhat of a pushover.

We got to my door and I invited him in for another drink, but his reaction shocked me.

‘No, I’d rather not.’

That was the final straw. I was so emotionally drained and tired of the mind games that I snapped. After all. what guy doesn’t want to give a girl a kiss goodnight at the end of a date?!

”If you don’t want to kiss me, fine, but there’s never going to be a second date!’

What happened next changed everything.  

So how did an avocado lead to the best sex of my life?

Pour yourself a drink and find out in the tenth installment in the ‘Tales of A Fuckgirl‘ series. It’s the hottest one yet…

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