Tales Of A F*ckgirl: I Had A Condom Stuck In Me For 24 Hours

August 1, 2019

‘Oh my God, what if it’s inside you?’ The eighth story in the ‘Tales of A Fuckgirl’ series… 

When we last spoke, ‘Country Boy’ and I were in a beautiful ‘friends with benefits’ relationship and everything was going swimmingly.

That is until a new guy started working in my office.

If you know anything about me, you would know that I have a weakness for an English accent.

This new guy was younger than me, a little bit dorky and a lot awkward – but I could look past that for a Hugh Grant-esque accent.

He made boring office speak sound sexy and I was captivated by his every word. The new guy was so geeky that I ended up giving him a nickname (like I do all the men in these stories). It wasn’t long until I started (affectionately) calling him ‘Dork Face.’

As luck would have it, a few weeks after ‘Dork Face’ and his sexy accent started working our bosses organized an all-expenses paid trip to Hawaii!

The timing was perfect because let’s be real – if I was going to nail ‘Dork Face’, it was going to be in Hawaii.

On the last night of the conference, there was an all-out party and the alcohol was flowing. Before I knew it, I was snuggled up next to ‘Dork Face’ and we were flirting hard.

It was getting late at this point and the party started to die out. Not ready for the night to be over, a few of us made plans to kick on – and it was as wild as you would expect.

‘Dork Face’ and I ended up making out in a Hawaiin strip-club. Things were getting hot but the night was only just beginning.

Make yourself a Cosmopolitan or pour a glass of wine. The eighth installment of ‘Tales Of A Fuckgirl‘ is the biggest rollercoaster of them all.

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