Tales Of A F*ckgirl: Everything Goes To Shit

August 11, 2019

‘You’re scaring me’. The ninth story in the ‘Tales Of A Fuckgirl’ series… 

Having sex with someone you work with is never a good idea.

Who would have known, right?!

Unfortunately, I learned this the hard way as I sat on my flight back from Hawaii.

When we left off, there was terrible sex, a missing condom, and some serious flight sickness.

Imagine my surprise to find that the missing condom was in fact located in my vagina.

Thankfully I made it through the flight without throwing up, but the second I got home, I was sick enough to scare me into buying a pregnancy test.

What if I was pregnant with ‘Dork Face’s baby?

Did having a condom stuck in me for 24 hours mean I was with child?

Now a normal person would have cut their losses then and there – but not me.

Still recovering from the breakdown of my marriage, I was on a path of self-destruction. I was dealing with this pain by screwing a bunch of guys and keeping my fuckboys on rotation.

‘Dork Face’ and I kept sleeping together. I know I said the sex was terrible (and it was) but after a few times, it got better.

But ‘Dork Face’ didn’t need sex the same way I did, and just at that moment, suddenly all of the other fuckboys on my rotation started to disappear.

Anyone who tells you that men are more desperate for sex than women is a liar.

Despite my searching, I couldn’t find a guy in all of Sydney to sleep with me. My frustration grew stronger and stronger.

In classic fashion, I got drunk and texted ‘Dork Face’ and practically begged him for sex.

‘You’re scaring me’ was his only response.

It wasn’t long before a work colleague announced she was hosting a pool party on the weekend and both ‘Dork Face’ and I were both invited. I didn’t know, however, that this party was the beginning of the end.

What happened at this party triggered an emotional breakdown like no other.

In the ninth installment of ‘Tales of A Fuckgirl’, everything goes to shit. Pour yourself a glass of wine – you’re going to need it for what happens next…

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