Tales Of A F*ckgirl: I Hooked Up With A Woman

… and had the longest sex of my life. The fourth story in the “Tales of a Fuckgirl” series.

Is there anything more embarrassing than sexting your Dad?

Let me tell you, the answer is a big fat NO!

Although, it did work out in my favor… kind of.

In the fourth installment of ‘Tales of A Fuckgirl‘, we pick up where we left off.

Tired and frustrated with fuckboys wasting my time I decided to explore the world of fuck girls  I changed my tinder preferences to looking for both men and women and went on the ride of my life.

This is the story of my hot date with the most gorgeous woman I’d ever seen, let’s call her sexy secretary. One thing led to another and things got hot and heavy, but you’d be surprised about what happened next – believe me, I was too.

Get ready to hear about the longest sex I’ve ever had…


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Featured image via unsplash.com

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