Tales of a F*ckgirl: The Three Words That Made My Ovaries Explode

July 17, 2019

Was that the sound of my panties dropping? The sixth (and sexiest) story in the ‘Tales of a Fuckgirl’ series. 

Did you hear that?

Oh, it was just my bra unlatching itself when I laid eyes on the most beautiful man I’ve ever seen.

I had been talking to ‘Country Boy’ on a dating app for a while before we decided we wanted to go on a date. It’s always nerve-wracking meeting someone for the first time from an app.

Will they look the same as their picture? Will we hit it off? 

I walked into a low-lit bar and look around the room. I lock eyes on a man nursing a beer at the bar. Sensing me come into the room, he turns around and looks me so deep in the eyes I’m convinced he can see my soul.

“I’m Country Boy, are you Nadia?’

At that, I was hooked. The sparks were flying and the chemistry between us was electric. He was the actual hottest man I had ever seen.

I was so into him that I went in for the kiss first and *swoon* it was movie magic. For reals, if it were a rom-com there would have been a Ronan Keating song playing.

We dated for about three months and had an amazing time but I couldn’t help but feel like something was a little off. I would get radio silence in between dates so when he told me he was going away for three weeks, I had enough.

Sick to death of fuckboys and not knowing where I stood with ‘Country Boy’, it was time for some drastic measures. I changed his name in my phone to ‘do not message under any circumstances’ but unfortunately, my vagina had other ideas.

In the sixth installment of ‘Tales of a Fuckgirl’, we continue the story of me waking up having texted a dangerous contact on my phone. I had texted ‘Country Boy’ and was filled with searing regret when he replied with three little words that rocked my world.

Find out which three words made my ovaries explode…

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