Tales Of A F*ckgirl: I Had Sex With A Stranger In A Hotel Room

July 1, 2019

“Are you DTF?” The first story in my “Tales of a Fuckgirl” series. 

It’s no secret that I love sex.

You only have to take a scroll through my Instagram or a cursory look over my Youtube channel (which is a place where we get super real about sex) to know I love all things sex – having it, talking about it, reducing stigma around it and learning as much as I can. I believe we need to be more open and real about sex because, let’s face it, sex is better for everyone when we can talk openly about it.

But I haven’t always been so open about sex.

In fact, while I’ve always been sexually open and accepting, I’ve only recently become empowered by my sexuality. I used to be married (yep, married!) and it wasn’t until after my divorce that I really got an opportunity to find out who I was sexually. And boy, did I find out everything I could have ever wanted to know about sex.

In this new Tales of a Fuckgirl video series, I’ll be detailing all of the things that happened on my journey into sexual empowerment. You’re going to hear about all of my crazy sexcapades and you-wouldn’t-believe-it sexual moments. It’s going to be a wild ride that’s a little bit cheeky, a lot hot and heavy, and there will be LOADS of laughter along the way.

In part one, I go into detail about my first foray into fuckgirl-ism, when I ended up spontaneously texting a guy I had never even met before and telling him to meet me in a hotel for sex, ASAP. For my first time ever having sex after my divorce. Here’s how it went down…

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