Yep, This is a Thing: Tampon Drink Flasks

February 7, 2014

Are you always smuggling in a cheeky drink to the movies? A party? Maybe to the in-law’s house during the holidays? Wish there was a better way to hide your booze?

Introducing the Tampon Stealth Flask – which is pretty much what you think it is – a hiding spot for the tipple of your choice that look just like real tampons, now sold on Amazon.


Simply grab a tampon flask and fill with your favourite drink, then tuck away in your handbag. Those pesky ushers won’t suspect a thing!

…except for when you take out your tampon flask and start drinking from it. Ewww…


If this sounds appealing, the Tampon Stealth Flasks come five to a pack for $US14.59 ($16.30).

And please, no bloody Marys!


The company who produce the flasks, Smuggle Your Booze, also sell fake sunscreen bottles so you can sneak your drinks to the beach. As one of the customer reviews says, it “makes a great gift!” – for your alcoholic friends?

What do you think of these tampon stealth flasks?

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