Tanners and Bronzers con’t

November 29, 2005

1. Urban Culture Aussie Chic Instant Tan
This had the most beautiful, summery smell of Frangipani and Tropical Extract ? not at all sickening like some others can be. It provided a lovely, natural looking brown skin although care must be taken to ensure smooth, even coverage. It faded at different rates but overall was great to use.

2. Magic Tan
Magic Tan have an entire seven steps to a perfect tan, so you?re guaranteed to get good results. First up, exfoliate with the Magic Tan? Pineapple Exfoliant, then to help tan absorption, apply the MagicTan? Sunless Prep. Following that is the Aerosol Self-Tanning System which smells like summer and is easy to apply. Shower with the MagicTan? Body Wash which is formulated with the sunless tanner in mind, add the MagicTan? Extend Hydration Emulsion to moisturise your bod, touch up the tan with the MagicTan? Touch Up and finally remove any unwanted tan with the MagicTan Tan removing cloth. Or if that sounds too complicated, visit one of their automated spray-tanning booths (available at over 60 salons across Australia). 1800 008 260

3. Urban Rituelle Beachcomber Frangipani & Jasmine Glimmering Self Tan
This product does take a while to dry and like most self tans, the smell isn?t great. Although it is slightly sticky when applying, it does last a good number of days. No problems with splotchiness, orangeness or streaks which is always a blessing!

4. Dermalogica Protective Self Tan SPF15
Good self tanner, not too orange and doesn?t streak. One of the best features is it wears off evenly and dries quickly. With SPF15 you don?t have to worry about applying sunblock if you?re planning on being out in the sun. Unfortunately the smell isn?t great, but most self tan products have a slight smell. Not one of the cheapest products available, but one of the best.

5. Nutrimetics Self Tan
This tanner is a smooth white cream that is quite easy to apply and absorbs quickly. The smell isn?t too bad, a bit chemically but it doesn?t linger after you?ve rubbed it in. You might need to do a few coats of this self tanner to get decent coverage as just one coat left a very faint colour that was slightly blotchy.

6. CoverGirl Tanfastic Bronzer
For those who spend too much time indoors, then bronzer is a girls best friend. Simply brush lightly onto cheeks and slightly over the rest of the face where the sun hits such as the bridge of the nose, forehead and shin. This one is great for enhancing any tan you might have or pretend you actually have one.

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