Tantric Sex Tips To Try Tonight

July 13, 2012

Celebs rave about tantric sex…and secretly, you’ve always been intrigued. Tantric sex isn’t trippy hippy, it’s a fantastic way to feel sexier and more connected with your partner. Here’s a few beginner’s tantric sex tips to try tonight.

Shake it out

We hold so much tension in our bodies – how can we expect to have truly wonderful sex? Sex is all about letting go and allowing our bodies to feel deep pleasure, so tantric practises suggest you put on some great music, stand with legs hip-width apart, and shake your whole body for at least one minute. You might feel silly but you won’t believe how relaxed and also invigorated your body feels afterwards.

Even better, your senses are heightened after shaking it out and making love is a completely different experience.

Create a sacred space

Tantric sex starts will a sensual space, and by sensual, we mean engaging all the senses – which is what tantra is all about. Turn your bedroom into a temple. Awaken your senses with scented candles, essential oils, different textures on your bed (clean cotton sheets, silk pillows…). Put on some exotic music, something with soft drums that both relaxes your breathe and stimulates your energy.

Soul gazing

A favourite of Sting and Trudie Styler, soul gazing is an amazing exercise that brings you and partner into the same energy field, elevating any sexual experience that follows to new heights.

Sit on your partners lap, and focus your breathing in the space between your belly button and groin. Then start rocking gently, as if you were on a rocking chair. Don’t forget to keep breathing. Stare into each other’s eyes, and continue rocking and breathing. You’ll notice an electricity building. Treasure this moment. This is what tantra is all about.

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