Tara looking for boyfriend

February 1, 2005

Tara looking for boyfriend

Tara Reid – Desperate and Dateless
Tara Reid used the Ellen DeGeneres chat show as a glorified singles column last week. She made an appeal for a boyfriend, saying she is currently single and “would love to find a guy.” She said, “I want a nice guy, a nice, funny, good sense of humour, cute, obviously, you know, just a good guy.” Any interested men are invited to submit a 60-second tape of themselves for perusal by the 29-year-old star. The American Pie actor promised that if Mr Right is among the tapes, she will get married later on the show.

Innocent as Pie
Mariah denies having a toy boy
Mariah Carey has spoken out, denying she has a toyboy and that she won?t be getting into any relationships in the near future. Rumours are rife over her alleged relationship with a 28-year-old employee of her record label Universal Music?s Def Jam Records, but the 34-year-old star won?t have a bar of it. “At this stage in my life I’m not even getting into that stuff. I’m not getting tied down in any relationship. I don’t have casual flings either.” This comes from the woman who was a virgin until her marriage to Sony Music boss Tommy Mottola when she was 23. Since their divorce, she has been linked to baseball star Derek Jeter and singer Luis Muigel. Her latest album, The Emancipation of Mimi, is titled after her childhood nickname, Mimi, and will be released mid year.

Angelina helping out
Help the refugees, says Angelina
Angelina Jolie is on her soapbox ? she is urging world leaders to spend more money helping refugees. Her role as UN goodwill ambassador has inspired her benevolence and she has even said her job as an actor can?t compare to the fulfillment she feels as a volunteer with the UN High Commission for refugees. She said on Saturday, ?I’m having trouble going back to work because I’m finding that my time at home with my son and taking him around and traveling to UNHCR programs or other parts of the world is just more fulfilling and more interesting to me and I know is more important.” Never fear though, she will be returning to filmmaking as she realises being in the public eye is the only way to fund more projects and bring more attention to her cause.

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