Tarte’s New Multi-Mask Is So Pretty, You Won’t Want To Take It Off

Nadine Dilong

Pink and gold? Hell, yeah!

Literally one of my fave things to do after a long day is take off all my makeup, apply a nourishing face mask, and watching mind-numbing reality TV while it does its magic on me.

Even though I couldn’t really care less what I look like in that blissful beauty treatment state of mind, I’m admittedly a total sucker for pretty products. Enter, Tarte’s newest skincare innovation; a mask duo so pretty it’s already being Instagrammed AF.

Instead of the traditional cookie-cutter approach of using one type of mask on your entire face to treat one skin concern, Tarte’s new Tight & Bright Clay Multi-Mask offers two unique formulas to be applied on different areas of the face to address multiple skin concerns.

Half the formula is designed to hydrate and brighten dull skin, while the other half balances the skin’s pH level and tightens pores. But the really cool thing about this treatment, is its magical gold and pink hue.

The hydrating mask looks like a smooth liquid gold while the pore-tightening component is a pretty shade of blush pink; so when applied, your face looks like a professionally contoured piece of art, making the recommended waiting time of 20 minutes feel almost too short, as you’ll be busy taking selfies instead of relaxing.

As if this wasn’t enough reason to buy this killer product, the masks are also vegan and come in a cute purple and pink case worthy of display in our bathrooms. We’re sold.



Images and media via instagram.com.

Comment: Have you tried Tarte’s new Tight & Bright Clay Multi-Mask? What did you think?