Technology To Help You Stress Less

Claudia Wood

Our lives are becoming evermore stressful with work commitments, family commitments and wanting to have that special me-time that has become oh-so-precious. While some people may say that we have become overrun with technology, I’m here to tell you to slap that thought off your laptop screen! Technology has made our lives more stressful with immediacy and urgency, but it has also made our lives so much easier in those aspects as well.

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Technology is such a useful tool to organise your life, your work and even your health and rest. Organisational devices, such as your phone and tablet and your Google calendar are life savers when it comes to work meetings, deadlines and family gatherings. By syncing your email to your phone, tablet and laptop, you can create events and reminders that will pop-up on all devices to help you remember important things that you need to get done – even if it is just picking up your dry cleaning or getting your hair done.

While those devices have your schedule in order, gadgets such as the Fitbit are taking care of your health. Activity trackers that can be slipped on your wrist are a great way to keep your diet, exercise and even your sleep in check. Interestingly, the Fitbit Wireless Activity and Sleep Wristband will track your steps, your calories and your sleep to help you assess the changes that you need to make in your lifestyle. Other variations include a 24/7 heart rate monitor and GPS system, as well as smartphone notifications that appear on screen of the band – for the girl who is really on the go.

tech to reduce stress

There are also upgrades in technology that can help us with everyday tasks like printing and organising files, such as printers that can now process 30 A4 pages per minute and high-gig USBs to help you coordinate your files for different meetings and clients. And as we learned from Carrie Bradshaw in Sex and the City: we should always back up our work, so investing in a portable hard drive is key. Now if this isn’t taking the stress out of work and life admin, then I don’t know what is!

Tech expert Trevor Long has partnered with Officeworks to bring us some helpful hints about how to manage our stress with the help of technology.  Encouraging us to make use of gadgets, social media and devices, he says it’s a great way to de-clutter our lives and be as efficient and stress-free as possible.

“Keyboards have come a long way – ergonomic ranges are now available for those who spend long periods of time behind the desk, while wireless keyboards are perfect if your desk’s cord clutter is starting to become a concern,” says Trevor.

“Voice recording devices are quite possibly one of the handiest additions to a meeting or presentation. Simply switch the device on and it will transform audio into a digital transcription, allowing you to sit back and take in what’s going on around you.”

With 76 per cent of Aussies now owning a smartphone, he also urges us to take advantage of voice-command features on our cell phones. “These should be your best friend, given you can set your alarm, send a text or schedule a meeting without lifting a finger.”

And as for wearable tech, Long’s an advocate. “The new phenomenon has brought us products like Jawbones, Fitbits and smartwatches changing our lives – for the better. Stay on top of your fitness, calorie intake and sleeping patterns using wearable tech to increase your overall health.”