Teen queen update

February 7, 2006

Teen queen update

Mary-Kate Olsen has recovered from Paris Hilton stealing her boyfriend Stavros Niarchos. She has rekindled her romance with ex-boyfriend David Katzenberg, son of DreamWorks boss Jeffrey Katzenberg. The pair previously dated in 2004 however were seen recently looking very cosy in a LA sushi restaurant. According to one onlooker, “They were leaning close together, touching hands and stuff and only had eyes for each other – and they were big, gooey doe eyes at that. From what I could tell, they’re very much a couple!”

It must be some comfort for Mary-Kate to learn that things aren?t so rosy between Stavros and Paris. Apparently the pair have been less than friendly of late, with many public blues and less than happy faces. At one LA bash last week, they looked rather miserable according to onlookers. “They fought all night,” one fellow partier recalls. On previous occasions, they have had noisy arguments and at one point Paris was heard yelling “I hate you!” over the phone to her billionaire Greek boyfriend. Apparently a break-up is imminent anyway. According to US In Touch magazine, the Niarchos family has told their 19-year-old son that he has to split with the partying heiress by the time he?s 21 or else risk losing his inheritance.

Meanwhile, sweet as sugar OC star Mischa Barton has decided not to star alongside Paris Hilton in The Simple Life in order to maintain her friendship with Nicole Richie. She said she has remained friends with both girls, despite their deepening resent for each other, saying “I’m managing to stay close to both, but working with one of them would tip the balance.” She seems to have put Paris? sister Nicky Hilton off-side though. Apparently Mischa turned up at a birthday party in Beverly Hills on Saturday night and Nicky loudly proclaimed “What is that fat pig doing here??. No word as to what this particular rift is about, although no doubt someone will spill at some point.

Hollywood?s most annoying celebrity
Although we won?t find out the official winners of the 26th Razzie Awards until 4th March, we?ve done our own research. We asked you last week who you thought would win the Most Tiresome Tabloid Targets category. Nominees include ‘Tom and Katie: Oprah Winfrey?s Couch, The Eiffel Tower & “Tom?s Baby”‘, ‘Tom Cruise: Anti-Psychiatry Rant?, ?Paris Hilton and? Whoever?, ?Mr & Mrs Britney, their baby and their camcorder? and ?The Simpsons: Ashlee, Jessica and Nick?. According to SheSaid readers, the overwhelming winners are of course Tom & Katie ?for everything? according to 46% of voters. In fact, Tom won quite comprehensively, with 37% voting for him and his Anti-Psychiatry rant. Should be a big night Tom! Congratulations Sue Rose, who has won a beauty pack for her answer: ?It has to be Tom and Katie. That ridiculous display of imitation love had me squirming in my seat. I’d also like to mention the ‘Tom’ incident of “put your manners back in” with Peter Overton on 60 minutes. It’s Tom all the way. No wonder Naomi Watts would rather have a lamb roast!!?

Nanny Daisy wants Jude back

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