Teeth Tattoos, Newspaper Nails – Would You Try These Kooky Trends?

August 26, 2011

Is your smile missing bling? Or maybe you need to spice up your regular mani pedi with some newspaper nail art? Check out these kooky beauty trends and tell us – would you try them?

Newspaper Inspired Nail Art

The nail art trend is the new big thing in manicures, from snake skin to leopard print. But the latest craze from New York is to print the news on your nails. But watch out – as you could end up a little tipsy in the process and end up looking like a 3-year-old did your nails!

Here’s how to get the look:

Step 1: Applied a neutral nail lacquer shade such as OPI’s Samoan Sand – allow to dry (or use OPI’s Drip Dry for quick results).

Step 2: Dip each fingernail into some alcohol – vodka is recommended for better results (but remember – don’t drink and paint!)

Step 3: Press a large strip of newspaper onto the top of each soaked nail. Remove slowly.

Step 4: Finish with a high gloss top coat to seal in the masterpiece. Try OPI Rapid Dry Top Coat.

Would you try newspaper nail art?

Teeth Tattoos

Now this is quirky. Forget temporary tattoos, the newest fad straight from Japan is temporary teeth tattoos. Now you can match your nail art to your…teeth.

From ladybugs and shooting stars, to anchors and sweet golden hearts, there are a stack of designs to choose from. The tattoo is attached to the tooth with a special glue using LED light to fasten and dry the glue. After a few days, you’re free to remove the tattoo at the dentist, allowing you to mix it up depending on your mood and outfit.

Is tooth art cute or ridiculous? Would you wear any of these kooky trends?

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