Book Review : Sacking the Stork

March 25, 2003

Sacking the Stork

Kris Webb and Kathy Wilson

Pan Macmillan ($30)”Sophie presumed ‘making sacrifices for your children’ meant giving up Bloody Marys and champagne for nine months.”

Sacking the Stork is a funny yet poignant story of what happens when Sophie, the busy Sydney marketing executive, discovers she is pregnant – and has already broken up with Max, her boyfriend of two years. Her support group comes from an unlikely bunch of friends that meet weekly for coffee at a King Street cafe. The book follows Sophie’s pregnancy through to single motherhood and beyond whilst still keeping her sense of humour. This first novel written by two sisters from Brisbane is a brilliant read if you like books with central characters you can relate to. Makes you want to write a novel or have a baby or do both!

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Confessions of a Reformed Dieter

A.J. Rochester

Bantam Books ($29.95)

Imagine being approached in the street and asked to appear on a television programme about obesity? This is exactly what happened to A.J. Rochester – who until this point didn’t think she

with her weight. Confessions of a Reformed Dieter tackles the growing concern that is obesity with a large serving of humour and a side serving of self-depreciation. Follow A.J through her miraculous transformation, dropping eight dress sizes along the way and in the process getting her life back. Confessions of a Reformed Dieter is peppered with painfully honest diary entries, low-fat recipes and entertaining lists. “Alternative list of things to do when craving crap food: 1) Poke eyes out with a blunt stick.”

It’s an inspiring account of one woman’s mission to liberate her self from 40 kilos of excess baggage – and proof that you can do almost anything if you set your mind to it. Now get off your arse and get on with it!Buy this book from the SheSaid Bookshop.

And What Have You Done Lately?

Cornelia Frances

Pan Macmillan ($30.00)

Her stern voice and

red hair put the fear into generations of TV viewers, her roles as the malevolent Barbara Hamilton in Sons and Daughters and the resident bitch Morag in Home and Away making her one of the most recognisable faces on Australian television. In recent times, she’s made her mark as the scathing host of cult TV game show The Weakest Link, but there’s a lot more to Cornelia Frances than bitching, back-stabbing and conniving. And What Have You Done Lately? is the story of her life, a natural and endearing narrative highlighting her career from the early days in London theatres (and her famously during down lunch with screen legend Dirk Bogarde) to her move to Australia and her enduring appeal as an Australian TV icon.

A must-read for anyone fascinated by those who have a dream to tread the boards – and the talent to keep doing so for decades. Buy this book from the SheSaid Bookshop.

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