The $100 Million Woman

July 5, 2010

Image: mirror.co.uk

The $100 Million Woman

Elin Nordegren will score $US100 million from her divorce settlement from Tiger Woods, but will not be able to go public with any of the details.

The disgraced soon-to-be-ex-wife has agreed to a confidentiality clause that means she will not be able to do interviews or write a book.

Luckily for Tiger, Elin chose to accept this offer and not go to trial. We can only imagine how salacious that would have been, with his plethora of mistresses summonned to testimony.

Last week reports stated that Elin would walk away with $US750 million, however Tiger’s net worth is estimated at $US500-600 million. And while $US100 million is nothing to sneeze at, the amount falls well short of the standard 50-50 split in most divorces.

What do you think? Does this sound like a fair deal for Elin, or has Tiger scored once again?

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