The 50s Fashion is Back

July 10, 2001

Just because it is in fashion it doesn’t mean that we should all be running out and wearing it. The 50’s fashion era only suits certain figures? you need to be womanly and confident. If you want to give it a go then buy a wide belt because they were a staple of the 50s. But pair it with jeans (preferably Earl) instead of the Happy Days full skirt. Pointy boots were another 50’s inspiration but wear them with a denim mini or a full skirt. Pointy Boots are everywhere so they shouldn’t be hard to find. Check out David Jones/Zomp or Shoo Biz. The next important 50’s look is the headgear. Either follow designer Stella McCartney’s lead with the revised pillbox or if you can’t afford the Chloe option make your own. Just buy a headband and attach a piece of spotted net to the band. The other places to find the legendary pillbox is second hand stores? they are full of treasures. If you don’t want to wear a hat try the ever-popular 50s quiff. Just part off a front section of

and pin into place.

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