The Ageing Game

November 26, 2002

It seems a little scary, but it?s true. Nearly every woman in Australia over the tender age of 24 years is using an anti-ageing face cream. We seem to be concentrating on the fact that we don?t want our faces to show any telltale ageing signs. But are we forgetting the rest of our body? What does your physique look like from the neck down? Skincare experts believe that women feel the skin on their bodies is more resilient, stronger and not as delicate as their face. Experts agree, however, that key areas of our bodies are now bigger giveaways to our ?real? age than our face.What are those key areas? The hands, neck, upper-chest, arms and feet. We tend to forget about these areas and usually leave them exposed, sun block-free and under-moisturised. Even when the sun isn?t shining it still causes nearly 70-90 percent of the skin?s slackening, hyper-pigmentation and dry, rough, scaly texture. A lot of us Aussie girls have been a little remiss when it comes to the key areas and in time it will definitely be the first

our tip? Get moisturising.Key Areas:


You don?t want to be known for your ?turkey neck? do you? We didn?t think so. A neck with loads and loads of lines is definitely an out-and-out case of sun-damage. When you are heading outside make sure you apply suntan lotion from the chin down. Our advice: wear a sunscreen on your neck and all the way down to your chest. Try David Jones Sunscreen Lotion SPF 30+, 250ml, ($16.95) .

For all in one face and neck protection try Nivea Visage Optimal Protection 50ml ($13.95). This light, oil-free moisturiser is enriched with Vitamin C and Alpha Flavon, a revolutionary anti-oxidant that can minimises the damage caused by free radicals, environmental hazards that prevent the skin from functioning normally. Built in SPF 15 helps keep your skin looking younger, longer.

Hands, arms, elbows

We?re always told that the quickest way

tell a woman?s age is by looking at her hands. How true that is. Hands age in the same way that the face does. Although it?s not just the sun that causes visible ageing ? smoking has a huge effect on your hands. You can definitely tell the difference between a smoker?s and a non-smoker?s hands. The chemicals in cigarettes damage the cells. Put simply, collagen is produced slowly and inadequately. Our advice: Grab a bottle of L?Oreal Plenitude Nutrilift, 250ml, ($14) and rub it all over your arms, legs, feet and elbows. It has the same active ingredients as Plenitude?s anti-ageing face creams. So do your body a favour!Handy hint: Cutex Intensive Care Hand and Nail cream 75ml ($5.49) protects against environmental damage and can visibly reduce fine lines and wrinkles on your hands. Enriched with Keratin, it can also help strengthen nails by up to 50%. No wonder this product was voted number one in the hand care category at the recent Priceline Health and Beauty awards!

Knees, legs and thighs

How many times have you just not been bothered with moisturising below your knees? These three contenders definitely don?t escape the ageing process. Flaky, dry shins are very unattractive. Knees that look like an old man?s face are equally a little bit of a turn-off as well. You don?t just have to regularly moisturise your knees, legs and thighs but you have to remember to drink water. We don?t just mean a few glasses – we mean up to 2 litres a day The body needs water to help regulate its temperature. It?s simple: if you don?t give your body enough water by drinking then it will steal it from your skin. Our advice: Go for Estee Lauder Re-Nutriv Intensive Lifting Body cr?me, 250ml. It will firm, hydrate and help decrease, cellulite, spider veins and stretch marks. You got to love that – so drink up!


Think a sagging chest area from too many hours spent in the sun without proper protection and you will know exactly what we?re talking about. The skin in this area is one of the first areas to show ageing. Australian women tend to forget this area? we definitely shouldn?t. The best treatment for your d?colletage is to apply a good moisturiser with antioxidants and vitamins such as C and E. Oh! Be careful when spraying perfume around. Perfumes with alcohol, in addition to sun exposure will also leave your skin dry. Our advice: Beta Alistine Age Delete Body Zone? it has a secret ingredient called Beta Alistine which helps skin cells reproduce. Or a product that has been used for the last 40 years? Nutri-Rich Oil, ($64.00). It is an intensive moisture treatment that you can apply to your face, throat and d?colletage. Within an instant your skin will be hydrated and soft. For further information or stockists telephone 1800 732 233 or go directly to

And so?for the bottom line ?

    • Wear sunscreen everyday


    • Give the fags away


    • Eat well


    • Exfoliate


    • Exercise


  • Drink loads and loads of water

.The healthier you live the better your skin will look! And the word on tanning? Fake it baby!

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