The Beauty Test (cont’d)

March 8, 2002

5. Lipstick
Staying Power:
You want lipstick to last and not crease, fade, or rub off. Quick test, run the tube across the back of your hand and see how it applies. Slippery? There’s a lot of wax in the lipstick and you’ve probably got a creamy texture which will crease in no time. Aim for a lipstick that has a silkier feel, with less slip.Have a matte lipstick and are afraid it will dry out your lips? If you have a hard time getting any colour to adhere on your hand during your test, you definitely have a dryer lipstick. A quick way to remedy is apply your chap stick or lip balm first. The moisture in the balm will let the lipstick glide on and last longer.

Colour pick:

We’re big fans of lipstick, being the number one cosmetic item that we’ll buy, even when our budget is low. And it’s also the number one item sitting in the back of your drawer as well. Why? The colour just doesn’t look right on.

How to tell before you purchase? Easy. Do the white paper test. Apply a streak to your white paper and look at the undertone. For example you’re looking at a pink lipstick. Your undertones would be any colour you see in the lipstick besides pink. Can’t see it? Apply two different pink lipsticks next to each other. You’ll really see it now. So why is it that some colours just don’t look right? Basically because there’s too much gray in the shade. Gray tones can make your skin look tired and can also change colour on your lips as well.

A few hours later, you could have sworn your now mauve lipstick was pink. See? Gray is the first colour to stay away from in makeup colours (unless you’re looking for gray eyeshadow….) and the first colour that you’ll find in makeup colours. No, you don’t need a new skincare routine, you just need to cut out all the gray tones in your cosmetics.

Lipstick undertones that will work?

Browns are warmer, softer than gray and works with a wider range of skintones. Yellow is also a great warming tone, but can look too yellow with skin tones that already have a lot of it. Red undertones are sharper, crisper, brighter, and blue is also more dramatic but can look dark after a while. White undertones brighten, makes skin tones look fresh and awake.

6. Pencils

The Test:

Okay, are we asking too much here? Pencils that go on, don’t run and smear and draw on easily without killing your eyelids. Is that possible?

I think pencils, for both lips and eyes are by far the hardest makeup item to find.


Quick test:- run the pencil between your thumb and forefinger. How it applies here will tell you how it will feel going across your eyelid. Hard, stiff pencils that don’t go on without a lot of effort will feel even more uncomfortable on your eyes. Does it bleed and smear too easily? It’ll smear super fast under your eyes. You want a pencil that will apply with the least amount of pressure smoothly.

7. Eye Shadow


The same tests for blush also apply to eyeshadow as well. But there’s an extra test for eyeshadow. The Crease Test. Rub eyeshadow between your finger tips and see how fast it disappears. The constant motion of your fingers mimics your eyes blinking. If it fades fast, your eye shadow will more than likely fade fast and/or crease as well.

8. Lipgloss

Staying Power:

Okay, we want lip gloss that looks great, stays on, isn’t gloppy, and doesn’t smear all over your mouth like a 2 year old. The test here is to find a lipgloss that’s slightly sticky, but not so sticky you feel like you’re applying taffy. The stiffer the lip gloss is, the longer it lasts, so avoid the ones that feel runny and watery. They disappear the quickest and the colour also tends to bleed easier with those types as well.


Lipglosses look great, but sometimes it feels like you’re wearing the world on your lips. Just too heavy feeling on. Quick test: Apply on the inside of your wrist. Can you feel it? Then it’ll bother you on your lips as well. If you can’t tell it’s on, you’ve got a great lip gloss.

9. Shimmer Powders

It’s Just Right:

Shimmering looks are hot and just a touch on the high points of the face and you’ll swear you look 10 years younger. A little hesitant? Try it out only at night time on that hot candlelight dinner date you have coming up. Watch out for shimmers though that have too much sparkle in them. It can make you look like you’re sweating. Not the look you’re going for. A quick test is to apply on the back of your hand and see how much shimmer you can see. If you have to move your hand in the light to catch a glow, then you have the right amount. If it looks like a light show going on, you have way too much frost.

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