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The best and worst of the 63rd Golden Globes!

The best and worst of the 63rd Golden Globes!

The best and worst of the 63rd Golden Globes!

Dress of the night
The SheSaid favourite had to be Scarlett Johansson in her figure hugging, fire red Valentino dress. Simple, yet elegant and showed off her ample assets without looking slutty. Any man not looking in her direction must have been gay or blind. Runners up include Charlize Theron in a gorgeous black lacy Galliano knee-length dress with an enormous lacy flower on the bust and Keira Knightly in a cream knee length Valentino frock with a lovely ornate sparkly belt in a floral motif.

Mess of the night
Unfortunately, there is a dual prize for this award ? Reese Witherspoon and her husband Ryan Phillippe. Reese is wearing some sort of strange sparkly top attached to a white, puffed out knee length dress with silver underskirt gathering which is apparently vintage Chanel. On her arm is Ryan who is wearing too cool for school shades and bad hat hair. A hint: Jack Nicholson can get away with wearing sunglasses on the red carpet, not a semi-unemployed actor whose most memorable film to date was seven-years ago. Un-notable mentions for worst frock include Pamela Anderson in an odd black and white skin-tight dress that covers up her ample cleavage but does show a bit of leg.

Gifts of the night
The goodie bag is always a big drawcard for Hollywood types (as if they couldn’t afford it all anyway). This year, the bag was better than ever. Read and drool: VIP guests receive a two-week holiday to Tasmania, Antarctica and New Zealand aboard a 54-cabin ship to see the wildlife of the region; a trip for two to Yellowknife, the diamond capital of North America, a Chopard golden diamond ring; Denim for Immortality jeans with a diamond button; Hugo Boss outfit; sunglasses, $300 worth of icecream, a vacuum cleaner and theatre tickets. Total worth: $62,000. Yet another reason to aspire to be a celebrity!

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