The Different Meanings of the L-Word!

March 26, 2002

Does the way you feel about your current partner differ from the kind of love you felt for the predecessor, which is different to how you felt in your very first relationship (you know, the crush that lasted about 2 weeks)? With just the one ‘L’ word to cover so many feelings, we thought it was about time to categorise the different types of love – not including familial feelings, such as maternal or fraternal love. We’ve whittled the types of love down to the following 5 types:

  • Committed Love
  • Infatuation
  • Platonic Love
  • Sexual Love/Lust
  • Passionate Love/In Love

Now, here’s the fun part. We’ll give you the descriptions and you have to guess what kind of love they define – the answer’s at the bottom of each page. Plus there’s a poll at the end so you can tell us which type most applies to your current relationship situation.

Love description 1

Can you guess this type of love?

  • sexual
  • caring
  • intensely emotional
  • think about the person all the time
  • heart rate increases
  • arousal
  • physical
  • irrational
  • lustful
  • feeling flushed
  • don’t know the person very well (yet)
  • euphoria
  • laugh often
  • jealous of other people around the person, and even ex-partners
  • intimate

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Passionate love/being “in love”

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