The Golden Door’s Tips For Healthy Summer Eating

October 10, 2012

We all want to eat healthier when the weather warms up, but sometimes we need a little inspiration. David Hunter, National Executive Chef of The Golden Door Health Retreats, shares his best tips for healthy eating and nutrition this summer.

* Drink plenty of water and be mindful of portion sizes, use a smaller plate for meals.

* Recreate salads and make them interesting by adding toasted seeds and nuts. These will increase protein, essential fats and fibre.

* You can also blanch fresh vegetables and add them to salads to boost your daily vegetable intake.

* Make healthy salad dressings with lemon juice and fresh herbs to stimulate taste buds and add
plenty of flavour.

* Reduce or completely avoid processed foods and processed sugars.

* Try to break habitual behaviours, for example: forget oil and butter as your friend in the kitchen, but rather think of it as an acquaintance that only appears once in a while or on the odd occasion. Too often we cook with non-essential fats (oil and butter) without hesitation, when instead we should think about the extra calories and fat content that it adds to the dish. Great cooking methods that avoid using oil and butter include grilling, barbequing, baking in the oven with baking paper as well as steaming food, pan searing with citrus flavours and sautéing with stock instead of oil.

* Buy fresh produce in smaller amounts so that your fruit and vegetables don’t go off and go to waste when they aren’t used; they taste much better when fresh, too. Aim for the five serves of vegetables per day and try and limit your fruit intake to only two pieces.

What’s your favourite healthy summer dish?

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