The Grown-Up Cindy Brady Just Went On A Hate-Fueled Homophobic Rant

December 11, 2016

Cindy ain’t so innocent anymore…

Cindy Brady’s 1970s TV sitcom character may be known for her sweet blonde pigtails and innocent baby face, but the real Cindy, who is now-55 year-old Susan Olsen, is anything but.

The actor turned radio host went on a hateful diatribe after gay activist, writer and producer Leon Acord-Whiting condemned her LA Talk Radio show, Two Chicks Talkin’ Politics, for making Islamophobic remarks and spreading conspiracy theories.

Olsen posted a screenshot of his critique on her page, captioned ‘This is the little piece of human waste. He blocked himself from me before I could even get one hit in. If you can find him, please send him my love’, and then sent Acord-Whiting a private message, which he promptly took a screenshot of and reposted to followers.

‘Hey there little pussy, let me get my big boy pants on and reallly take you on!!!’ Olsen’s private message read.

‘What a snake in the grass you are you lying piece of sh*t too cowardly to confront me in real life so you do it on Facebook. You are the biggest faggot ass in the world the biggest pussy! My Dick is bigger than yours Which ain’t sayin much! What a true piece of sh*t you are! Lying faggot! I hope you meet your karma SLOWLY AND PAINFULLY’

Unshockingly, shortly after the comment was posted, LA Talk Radio terminated Olsen’s contract, and posted a statement distancing themselves from the host and her beliefs.

Brady Bunch actor Susan Olsen isn't nearly as innocent as her beloved TV character.
Brady Bunch actor Susan Olsen isn’t nearly as innocent as her beloved TV character.

“LA Talk Radio takes pride in its close and collaborative relationship with the LGBT community, and will continue to provide a home for those who have hopeful and positive messages of togetherness and tolerance to share with our listeners,” a station spokesperson said of the controversy.

“We will not tolerate hateful speech by anyone associated with our radio station, and have severed our ties with a host that veered off the direction in which we are going.”

We wonder what little Cindy would think of all this…

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