The Guard Movie Review

September 5, 2011

There’s not enough movies coming out of Ireland, and when you see The Guard, you’ll wish there were more. The Irish sense of humour – sometimes blunt, sometimes dry, most always rude – shines through in this great little cop thriller.

Politically incorrect Sergeant Boyle (a brilliant Brendan Gleeson) is the local cop in small town west Ireland, completely uninterested in being thrown into an investigation into an international cocaine-smuggling ring. He’s even less interested in the FBI agent sent over to take care of things, Wendell Everett (Ocean Eleven’s Don Cheadle). Boyle just wants to go about his way, enjoying a drink, enjoying his day off (a very funny naughty scene) and occasionally even enjoying a party drug or two.

When the gangsters come after him – a Guy Ritchie-inspired trio of bad boys (if you’ve seen RocknRolla, you’ll recognise cute cockney Mark Strong) – Boyle isn’t too bothered. He’s too busy selling weapons to the IRA!

The scenes between Boyle and Everett are hilarious: there’s a lot of cultural misunderstandings between the two, who couldn’t be more different from each other. Boyle is all about old-school racism (“did you grow up in the projects?” he asks casually over breakfast, while Everett is the typical by-the-book American cop with the go-getting attitude, very much out of his depth in Gallic-speaking Ireland.

The Guard is winning plenty of awards and rave reviews and no wonder – it’s the perfect mid-week movie that will keep you giggling for hours afterwards.

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