The Inside Job Movie Review

February 16, 2011

The Inside Job Movie Review

I have to admit, I haven’t got a clue about world economics. I know the financial crisis – or GFC as it annoyingly became known – is the biggest catastrophe to happen to us, probably in our lifetime. But I really don’t understand how it happened. My knowledge is limited to keywords like ‘banker bonuses’ and ‘default mortgages.’ Lehman Brothers and Bear Sterns are like fairytale names, known of but completely intangible to me.

Speaking of catastrophe, the facts of this documentary show you just how catastrophic this whole mess really is. It starts in Iceland, once a shining example of first world living: low unemployment, high standard of living, exemplary banking, the envy of the world. And then it unravelled…

Before you worry that The Inside Job is some boring art-house documentary, stop. It’s narrated by Matt Damon, who can’t sit still these days (he’s currently starring in True Grit, Hereafter and The Adjustment Bureau). It’s a crash course into the financial crisis, required viewing really. It’s got a slicker-than-slick opening cut to 80’s synthesised rock with sweeping views of Manhattan. The editing is a little unpolished – the men interviewed have their mics fitted unnecessarily on-camera, looking swish in their suits and skyscraper offices; women interviewees are shot scarily close-up, glaring out over us in the cinema.

There’s plenty of explanations and facts, spelt out in as close to layman’s terms as you can get, with the odd graph thrown in. But what’s outstanding is the interviews with these alpha men, mega bankers and professors who are to blame. The interviewer does not hold back. Clips from US hearings into banking are truly frightening. The utter arrogance and greed is a very bitter pill that we’ve all had to swallow.

I left the movie sick to my stomach. There’s no doubt this will happen again – the last scene explains why – despite encouraging news headlines that economies are on the improve.

My advice – take some popcorn or a choctop – makes it go down a little easier!

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