The Language of Love (cont)

April 8, 2003

ItalianDid you check out that guy?

Hai adocchiato quello?

Pronounced: ai a?do?kya?to kwe?lo/a

Do you have a light?

Hai d’accendere?

Pronounced: ai da?chen?de?re

Shall we get some fresh air?

Andiamo a prendere un

Pronounced: an?dya?mo a pren?de?re oon

Can I dance with you?

Posso ballare con te

Pronounced: po?so ba?la?re kon te

You have a beautiful body

Hai un bel fisico

Pronounced: ai oon bel fee?zee?ko

Can I take you for a ride on my bike?

Ti posso portare a fare un giro in moto?

Pronounced: tee po?so por?ta?re a fa?re oon jee?ro een mo?to

I want to make love to you.

Voglio fare l’amore con te.

Pronounced: vo?lyo fa?re la?mo?re kon te

Kiss me.


Pronounced: ba?cha?mee

I want you.

Ti desidero.

Pronounced: tee de?see?de?ro

Oh my god!

Oh dio mio!

Pronounced: o dee?o mee?o

That was amazing!

? stato stupendo!

Pronounced: e sta?to stoo?pen?do

I love you.

Ti amo.

Pronounced: tee a?mo

from Italian Phrasebook, Lonely Planet Publications.

Italian Phrasebook

2nd edition

ISBN 1864503173

256 pp


Lonely Planet Phrasebooks. Whether it’s over a beer in Brussels or on a bus in Beijing, an exhaustive range

of over 50 language titles help travellers and locals come together. These pocket-sized guides include colour-coded chapters for quick-reference, pronunciation for every phrase and handy two-way dictionaries.Available at all good bookstores May 2003.

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